Don’t use the “A word.”

I was just listening to a lecture Dr Steven Greer had where he said, “Don’t use the A word” in front of him. He meant aliens, of course. I love this topic because it’s just as sociological as it is UFOlogical. 

What really is “alien?” This is not a Geiger or Lovecraftian reference! By a more common 3D definition, an alien is someone or something that seems strange and out of place compared to our norm. So, if I run away to North Korea, socio-politically, I’m an alien. (And I stick out like a sore thumb.)

So, if someone from Zeta Reticuli (commonly known as Grays,) drops down to Earth from outer space, we call him an “alien.” Right? He’s got a big head, almond shaped black eyes, gray skin, skinny body, and a one-piece uniform.  Technically, sure. He doesn’t quite fit in. And innocent bystanders are freaking out big time.

Okay. Imagine for a moment that you’re living in a dimension that overlaps with Earth. The difference is, you’re not a squishy, physical being. You’re in a dimension so high, you might not even see planets so much as planes of existence. Suddenly, this kinda goofy looking thing with “arms” and “legs” and a “bald head” and “much beardiness” shows up in the middle of whatever you were doing. Luckily, in higher planes of existence, panic, fear, time and hate allegedly don’t exist. Time being the wild card. Regardless, the beardy weirdo is, by all definitions, is an alien.

Meanwhile, back inside the human, the holy-crap-what-did-I-just-do reaction kicks in. The human looks around, possibly a little dumbfounded, in awe of these beings of love and light and sees- a bunch of “aliens!” Most regular humans freak out immediately and (POOF!) back to 3D land. 1 out of 144,000 (guessing…) look around and start asking questions. Woot! This particular beardy guy looks like he just walked through the front gate of Disney Land for the first time. Eyes wide, jaw on the ground, greeting everyone.

Aliens. Most often associated with UFO’s. Discern the term Unidentified Flying Object. It can be literally anything in the air (or USO’s Unidentified Submerged Object) or underwater that we, silly 3D humans, don’t recognize. Could be one of yours. Could be one of ours. Could be one from the depths of outer space. We don’t know, hence “unidentified.” The same goes with beings. You’re from somewhere that’s “not here,” and we don’t recognize you.

But let’s think more multi-dimensionally. We’re multidimensional, but we’re down here on Earth. (Realize down is a misnomer. We coexist, but we are a lower, heavier density, hence down.) There could be dozens of beings around us right now and we wouldn’t know it. Everything from ghosts to angels and everything in between could be near us all the time, every day. Sure, most of them hear us. Time doesn’t work the same way. Heck, thought as we know it doesn’t necessarily work the same way. Your higher self is your antenna into their world. The cool part is, it’s also a periscope. But we’ll get into that elsewhere.

Here’s the mind-bending part, as if we weren’t already- Do we know what the Pleiadians look like? Do we know 100% for sure what an Arcturian looks like? Nope. Not 100% for sure. We don’t even know, for sure, if they are going to be human sized. Imagine how different an encounter is going to be if one race is originally incarnated and appears as a 50′ tall cockroach. Imagine how different life would be if we are getting spiritual messages from a ball of light the size of a quarter. There’s your whole UFO- a ball of light the size of a super bouncy ball. 9th Dimensional beings- powerful beyond imagination in terms of spirit and abilities in an itty bitty teensy weensy package. Yikes. I mean, cool. But… wow. So, given they could look like anything already, they might be nice enough appear to us as the Grays, since we’re used to them, or something similar to us, and probably bipedal to reduce the OMG factor.

Now, we live in duality and separation. And did I mention free will? And due to the natural, fairly low vibration of many humans on the planet, we are prone to panic and violence. So, CNN reports multiple UFO’s landing everywhere, including near the UN building and on the White House lawn. This is a recipe for missiles and bombs flying everywhere if I’ve ever heard it. Why? Fear of the unknown. And the lower dimensional beings get a grand buffet with so many freakin fear platters everywhere.

So, lightworkers all over the planet come in and prepare Earth. That’s what we’re doing here right now, btw. DO NOT BE AFRAID!!! Raise your vibration. Smile, laugh and be curious about the unknown. Fear is a massive waste of time and energy. LOVE is the way of the future. We’re all one, anyway.

My original thought for this article was, “Why do a lot of the pictures of Arcturians and some other races look like Grays, only a different color (usually blue) or different size (White Zetas, etc.)” Or do the Grays look like other races? I have another article entirely brewing in my head about the Grays. I don’t feel like they’re entirely alien, though. I feel like they, and many, many other beings or races are my Star Family. Many of the higher dimensional beings are lovingly trying to help us, so that one day we can join them in love and light.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa always looking for more work. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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