Dark Stuff

I took a break from social media recently. I didn’t look at Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. Why? Well, part of being Awakened, (or “woke” as the kids say,} is dealing with your shadow and at the same time you become aware of some really dark stuff.

I believe in Kindness and Goodness. I’m aware that others are part of a greater consciousness, a greater whole. I don’t consider myself an empath, but I’m also not totally oblivious to the feelings of others. And some of what I see in the world, we NEED LOVE and PEACE. The question is always, “How?”

I know about the Illuminati. In my old Blogspot posts, I dissed them a lot. Since, I have learned about things that go way beyond just control of finance and media. I’ve learned about Satanic Cannibal Pedophile cults. And as a parent and a fairly sensitive person, I absolutely revile this notion.

I can only forgive and forget so much. And I’m telling you, family of light, this is the cutting edge of horrible. And when I pop onto social media and a lot of my very enlightened friends are all talking about Wayfair and Epstein? Yeah. Time to take a break.

I like videos of fluffy kittens and huskies. I love bunny rabbit videos. Heck, I will scroll though pics of gardens and trail hike videos. Yay nature/

So how the actual f*ck do some of these really unspeakable awful things happen? Crimes against humanity can not and should not be allowed to stand. Now, I won’t advocate violence against these “people.” (And believe me when I say I’d love to hunt these individuals down with enough firepower to commit a war crime.)

But, family, here’s the truth: God put this in our path, too. There will be a reckoning very soon. It’s a triggering event, to be certain. The evil will be exposed. The innocent will be saved and protected. There will be justice. The days of these political figures, musicians, Hollywood and news media are coming. It might be scary and shocking, but we’re going to get through this storm as well.

I won’t spiritually bypass this or ignore it. But I absolutely refuse to let it drag my energy down. I refuse to dwell on the nasty stuff out there. Sure, I could worry incessantly, freak out, demand justice, load up the gun, or talk about it at every opportunity. But what good does it do?

Knowledge of the darkness is there. I am returning to the I AM. And I have my own shadow, nothing overly serious compared to eating people, but it still needs to be taken care-of. Meanwhile, I have compassion and love in my heart for those who have passed and their innocent families. Hug my own kids a lot tighter. Yeah.

Go forth in love and light. Forgiveness is there for those who need it. We’ve got other things on our global plate than just Pizzagate. We have a plague and race riots to consider. There is so much healing we need to do and peace to make.

And next on our collective plate is the ET connection to literally ALL of this. Beings not even of the Earth are watching all the time… more next time.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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