Time to Kick Butt and Take Names!

I’ve been watching a certain YouTuber that I have had some issues with in the past. We don’t always agree. But lately, I’ve felt like I need to shake things up. It’s easy, so very easy to get complacent in this topsy turvy lockdown riot whackadoo world.

I’m somewhat guilty of sitting back. Maybe for too long. So, I’m going to offload my brain and see what happens for a few minutes. Some of this will have a positive, happy ending, some might not…

Spiritual Awakening was hard. And that was a couple of years ago. That’s not by accident. I think I was meant to awaken just before the greater whole. It’s easier for me to relate. We can all learn together, right?

No lie, I’m STILL struggling with the whole life purpose thing. I love what I’ve learned from Laura DiBenedetto. She’s amazing. The Six Habits really did change my life for the better. But I still wonder every day. Why am I here?

I’m not really afraid of death or much of anything else. I’ll stare down a Draco Reptilian and laugh. I mean, what’s he really going to do to me? The only thing that concerns me, and I don’t say “fear,” but what kind of legacy am I leaving?

Ya know? I want to be remembered for something, heck, anything. (I have a new rpg blog, as a side note.) But more importantly, I want someone to notice I did more than take up space. And I’m 48.

Now, the negative. I really, really hate my job. On so many levels, I don’t belong in a mc-corporate cubicle, putting money in everyone’s pockets but my own. I should be my own boss. I so strongly desire to be my own boss. Yeah, it’s egoic, but when you can feel it in your essence, it’s tough to deny.

But the hard part is when I have a family to feed, bills to pay, cats to obey unquestioningly (or so they think.) So, I can’t just drop everything and quit my job. Responsibility, right?

Let’s talk Law of Attraction for a minute. Oh noes, I had negative thoughts. Are my dreams coming crashing down around me or just moving slower toward me now? Hmm. Not sure about that. My vibe will bounce back. Sometimes just getting junk off my chest helps.

So does meditation. So do things I really enjoy. Sleep helps, when possible.

So, back to my title. I’m going to start publishing very regularly. possibly daily. I want to seriously get the word out there.

You’re not alone. You’re a being of love and light. Yes, there’s some disturbing stuff out there, but never fear. Never despair. We are all just hear to walk one another home.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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