They’re Here and They’re Watching

In my prior article, I mentioned beings from “out there” watching all of us beings here on Earth. I should clarify. In the case of extradimensional beings, they’re already here in many cases. We can’t see them or touch them, but their reality overlaps with our own. If we’re talking about extraterrestrial beings, they have to reach Earth. Our best minds have hypothesized they are crossing to Earth through dimensional barriers.

What’s an “alien?” We don’t use that term for a reason. The Earth is actually a crowded place if you could see it. Remember, humans only see a small fraction of the visible spectrum. Beings probably look into our dimension and see us as clueless aliens because we’re in the middle of their living room and we don’t know it.

So, if God/Source/Universe is watching, presumably through the eyes of these other beings (ETs/Angels/ghosts, etc.) What do they see? Realizing that they are likely far, far more advanced in intelligence, consciousness, and socially, they’re probably shaking their heads for the most part.

Earth 2020 has to be the highest rated reality show in the history of existence. Well, as far as we know, but we can get into Earth history and time travel elsewhere. On one hand it’s high comedy and on the other, it’s deplorable tragedy.

Somewhere in all of this, the US government is hinting around about UFO/ET Disclosure. They’ve thrown out a few breadcrumbs in the form of the Nimitz Encounter and the Gimble video. Oh, maybe we have recovered “alien” craft. Maybe we have a few ETs stashed somewhere. President Trump has alluded to possibly giving up the goods.

I could go all day on this topic and why it’s so ridiculous. We already KNOW these beings are here. We have so much crash retrieval evidence and archaeological or historical evidence. The United States is behind the rest of the world in acknowledging these beings.

Back in my day, you were a nerd if you played Dungeons & Dragons and read comic books. The same can be said of UFOlogy. Now? It’s like you’re an outcast if you’re not into these things. Maybe I’m over-generalizing a little. But, it’s rapidly becoming mainstream again.

I’ll get into theirs versus ours in terms of unidentified craft at another time. but there are plenty of non-terrestrial vehicles spinning around the Earth. And those are just the ones we can occasionally catch a glimpse of. Think about the hundreds of orbs, craft, beings, and drones that are hovering around, observing humans right now as we speak. It’s staggering!

Next time we’ll get into the why of it as well. We’re actually not that boring as a civilization. Until then, stay safe and keep an eye on the skies! (And everywhere else.)

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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