A Little Better Today

Today I feel slightly less outraged, upset and insane than the past three or four. I might say mellow or even serene. I woke up and all I heard was a voice saying, I am blessed with abundance.

After the last couple of days, I really needed that reminder. And I finally did have that chat with my, uh, mentor? Someone I admire the bajeezus out of, anyway.

Which is not to say I didn’t feel slightly triggered at work when I found out the time table for the disaster has been there all along and is a lot sooner than we thought.

The more I dig into all this, the more I think everything appears in divine timing. I will move onto smoother, more prosperous times ahead. I am happy in the now moment. Really it all struck me as funny just now.

Here I am getting all worked up over, what? These guys? This place? Which, I still plan on leaving one smelly arse terrible review of, btw.

But why on Earth would I want to stick with a bunch of clowns that can figure out one job description and stick to it? Or figure out a position and know what it entails before they stick someone in it, which historically has not been the case.

That’s why I find this amusing and will probably be shifting between neutral and bemused for the next three or four months if I had to guess. If this company/department/”management team”/pack of rabid Mcjackals is that bad? They don’t deserve me and I deserve way better. And that’s where I’ll leave my opinion of them until I’m all the way out.

Yes, I still have a family to feed, but unlike the last few nights, I remember to have faith. We’ll make it through. The specifics are going to fill in as I go. A valuable lesson here is control. The harder one tries to control the narrative, the more stress it ultimately causes. Does anyone need more stress in this world?

We’ve survived Cronaa. We’ve survived murder hornets and locusts and murder hornets having babies with locusts. We’ve survived riots and massive social upheaval. I’m pretty sure this too shall pass.

I always think back to the newspaper clippings of photos from about 1910-1935 of all the people holding signs up that say quippy things like, “Repent Now” and “The End is Nigh.” Yet, we’re still here.

True, X-Events then took a lot longer to get around in the news than they do now, but every generation has the next big thing to end all things. My grandparents and parents had the Great Depression and the Atomic Bomb for cryin out loud. When you stop to think about it, 2020 is really no big deal on a grander scale.

So, lookin up from here.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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