I start a lot of meditations with I AM Grateful for Gaia. I AM Grateful for Source. I AM Grateful for my Higher Self. I AM Grateful for my spirit guides. I AM Grateful for my star family, my cosmic guides. I AM Grateful for my angelic guides. I AM Grateful for the Ascended Masters. And I think most importantly, I AM just grateful for being here right now.

No, there’s nothing scary going on. Quite the opposite, actually. I’m loving life. I’m super happy and grateful I get to wake up and take another breath.

A quote from my friend Tom has always stuck with me. He said, “None of us is promised another day.” And that is very true.

And I feel grateful for every day. Every breath. Every moment regardless of how pleasant or otherwise. Life is a gift. Sometimes we take it for granted. Sometimes we curse our existence because something utterly stupid has happened.

We’re not powerless. We’re not victims to a pre-planned destiny. Again, we are powerful, free will beings experiencing a physical reality. Sure, things could be perfect, but why? Why not add a few challenges along the way?

Yes, we are beings of divine love and light having a physical experience. But, ever wonder what truly happened before this experience? Ever wonder what happens after? I mean, do we remember ALL of it?

I don’t know yet. So I want to make the most of what’s here in the now. I don’t know if there’s pizza and popcorn in the afterlife. Or if it will even matter. May as well enjoy it now. I suppose some day I’ll remember. Til then? Game on!

Have a beautiful now moment. Stay safe.