Solo of Fortune

I say I’m just playing the 3D game and it’s going to be overcome.

Was the name of my guild on World of Warcraft. I took a fair amount of grief for that one. It’s no coincidence that it’s tied to Cyberpunk 2020. And again, this isn’t my gamer blog, oddly enough.

A “Solo” is a mercenary, soldier or street samurai who primarily operates on his own or with a small group of people in the Cyberpunk Game. There was actually a supplement for the game called “Solo of Fortune.” I resonate with this as a light warrior, which is just a slightly more aggressive way of saying I’m a lightworker.

Solo of Fortune
Screenshot from Fandom

Please, bear with me. I’m not a violent person. By no means am I advocating violence in the real world with any of this. My goal is to demonstrate my current attitude and outlook on life. Please, for goodness sake- be kind, be gentle, and be nice to one another out there in the real world.

CP2020 is a game. Cyberpunk, specifically “punk” is an attitude. Anyone remember the 80’s? Remember punk rock? Yeah. It’s about being rebellious. It’s about being anti-system and pro freedom. It’s about being very loudly non-conformist. It’s individual expression aimed at the collective. It’s becoming what 2020 is all about. I mean, for real. Look at the news. Look outside.

I hit a dilemma in life, as I said in my last entry. Try to fit in and feed my kids, or shuck the whole thing aside, quit my job, and rebel. It’s burning inside my brain even now. It’s a good thing I love my family more than I hate my job. But mark my words, I’ll be out of that place in a nanosecond if something solid in line with who I really am comes along.

I’m an old Solo. I’m an old warrior who is not done fighting. I don’t fit into a tight little corporate package. Working for the oil industry no less. (Barf!) But- it pays most of the bills. Some people say I’ve sold my soul. I say I’m just playing the 3D game and it’s going to be overcome. It’s all temporary.

Law of Attraction, Law of Vibration, Law of Balance. Universal laws have come into play. I’d say I need a lawyer, but that’s not very ‘punk. I’m a virtual badass armed with everything I’ll every need to navigate the 3D world, and as Ralph Smart would say, “we ain’t even had breakfast yet.” I’m just getting warmed up.

Here’s truly how to beat the system in 2020. Raise your vibration! Raise it so high not a single dark anything can touch you. Find your joy! Find your passion! Live the dream! Live in the vibration of that dream every day and work hard until it becomes the real deal.

More to come on this. A lot more. No quitting. No giving up. And before I start sounding like a pro wrestler, see ya soon.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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