How to Rebel Energetically (in 2020.)

In my last couple of articles, I covered how I have this sort of existential dissonance going between my own personal code of ethics and this job that I need to feed my family. Now, I could express this as a philosophical or even a straight math equation, but I intend to explain it very plainly.

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Family comes first. Then my own physical needs. Then my ethics and spiritual needs third. Although technically the well-being of my family is one of my core values, so we could say I’m still heeding the call. But the two things that still get to me are the fact I’m serving an industry I despise and I’m stuck in a soulless cubicle all night watching my dignity degrade as I pour over spreadsheets and emails for hours.

Let’s make sure to mention service to self and others. It is extremely important. Not only are you keeping yourself happy, loving yourself, taking care of yourself, etc, but you’re taking care of your loved ones, and possibly neighbors and even community as well. Love is a key component to fulfilling one’s purpose. It’s called the language of the Universe. Send those super positive vibrations out there.

Writing, designing this blog and tabletop roleplaying games are my side gigs. Which I fully intend to have become my main focus. I’ve been at this for almost four decades now in one way or another. Yes, they’re fun hobbies but they’re going to become more. Yes I enjoy spending time on all three. Yes, there is “joy” in enjoy. Thank God.

Right there is the answer. Joy. Lots of it. TONS of it! If you want to fight back against the matrix (or whatever you want to call it,) you have to fill your heart with joy and love! Sounds a little silly to those who haven’t been in the spiritual community for long, but I find it to be very true.

Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows.

See, when you focus your attention on what you love doing, your energy goes there. Your vibration goes up, sometimes exponentially. Most importantly your joy comes forth. Joy! Happiness! Joy is one of the greatest energetic expressions in the entire Universe. If you want a systemic combo breaker, that’s it.

If anyone tells you otherwise? Tell them to go jump in the lake (or some other catchy phrase.) Once a person stops conforming to all these rules and norms created by a society, corporation or government who cares not for anyone’s well-being short of their own, it really eats the governing body. It tears at them. They get a little taste of what it’s like to watch their grasp slowly slipping away.

That said, don’t go flipping your boss the bird and laughing your way out of the office just yet, family. Again, the number one priority is greatest and highest good. So, take care of self and family. Still plenty of joy there, undoubtedly, but sometimes you have to keep the thing you despise around just long enough to really dig into the thing you love and find joy. Soon enough joy becomes greater.

Next time around, a discussion of Presence. A challenging habit to master, despite a simple name.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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