Dealing with the Ethically Challenged Part: Final

The names were covered to protect… identities. I guess.

Three articles is really enough on this topic, I believe. I’ve already spent more time and energy on this thing than it’s probably worth. I was exhausted last night. I was too exhausted to do Part 3 of this series. I literally had to give myself a break. That’s okay.

I mostly just want to look at where the energy from these three careless moments has gone. First, the energy that set the whole chain of events in motion. Since we can’t be absolutely certain what actually prompted the note, let’s assume it was probably a tired, very run-down employee who just wanted to take a 15 minute break. That’s my educated guess and nothing more. A lot of convenience store employees worked straight through the Colavidlala lockdown of 2020 because gas is “essential.” That aside, most of the stores I’ve worked in or around have one employee, maybe two at peak periods. It can be very tiring when the guests start lining up.

It’s a large, nameless, faceless, uncaring corporation running things, from appearances. Apparently employees need to be gifted their breaks going forward. That’s rough. I don’t think I would want to work there. And that’s just with what is shown here. Imagine what other juicy tidbits these employees might endure?

Then again, in 2020, people might need a job bad enough to put up with a lot of obnoxious stuff just to feed their families. I think employers are banking on it right now. It’s most definitely a hiring market that favors employers right now. And we’re seeing the very, very ugly side of it, if I put it in a biased, subjective way.

All legal issues aside, we’re dealing with what is ethical. Maybe by business ethics standards it’s okay to give employees breaks if/when the manager sees fit. Maybe “Big Convenience Chain X” just doesn’t care about turnover rates because they know they can always hire more.

And is it really okay to leave this note out for the public to see? Talk about giving “Big Convenience Chain X” a PR headache. That undoubtedly set the wheels of discourse in motion one way or another. But would it be okay to treat the employees this way even if it hadn’t gotten splattered on FaceBook? Again, it’s up to the individual human to balance personal ethics versus needs or prioritize the various “shoulds.” Should I feed my kids or tell my boss to stuff it? Should I take a break for whatever reason or should I work myself into an early grave? It’s not always an easy call.

I keep going back to the idea that this all could have been so simply avoided all the way around. Be considerate. Be kind. Be compassionate. Be Gentle. Be understanding. It’s that easy. It really is. Maybe this note can serve as an example of how to move forward by being a great example of what not to do.

Also, a few other things that might help to remember if you find yourself in this situation in any way. One, God is watching. You can’t get wet by the word “water.” So, call it God, the Universe, Source, or whatever you choose. The point is everything that happens, all we do on Earth, is seen through the eyes of The Creator. (Possibly in non-judgment, but that’s another very long, deep subject.)

It’s all temporary. We are spiritual beings having a physical body. This body we travel around on the 3D plane on exists in linear time and has experiences. Nothing that happens today really makes a huge difference 100 years from now. Yes, it matters that I earn a check and feed my family in the current cultural and societal circumstances. But, even then, it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in the infinite space-time continuum. It’s hard to say, but we are a tiny, infinitesimally small speck in a much, much larger Universe. But the main thing to remember here is, it’s all temporary.

In LoA circles, it is said the Universe is always working in my favor. If you follow the Law of Vibration, you know everything is energy. Keep you vibration high and things you might find quite pleasant will find their way to you. Conversely, if you post a nasty note for your employees, regardless of intention, well, more nastiness may well abound.

It’s almost a Universal law unto itself. Be good to each other. Do no harm. Do what brings joy and love to others. (*Not necessarily romantic love.) Be compassionate.

Yours in Universal Love and Light. Namaste. Publius.

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