Monetization Quandary

Hello Family!

I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine over the topic of crowdfunding. It’s really got me thinking about how and what to do with it. Okay, a little Law of Attraction talk for a minute- I love prosperity! I love money! I am overflowing with the infinite abundance of God’s wealth! I AM a money magnet! Ah, there. Got that all off my chest. If Jake Ducey ever reads this, I hope I made him proud by stealing some of his quotes.

But that is kind of true. I love money. I would love to have more. Do you know all the cool happy fun things money can do? Feed the homeless. Plant trees. Buy gifts for orphans. Help my children to pursue their dreams. But here’s the kicker- Do you really need ME for that? I mean, if you’ve got money to give away, you can easily do that and more.

I’m into LoA to get rich, yes. Among so many other things that would make me smile. And this is not an article where I plan to do any debunking of LoA, although that day may well come. Raise your vibration super high. Super cool things come to you. Pleasant, positive things find their way into my field when I’m in the flow state. No doubt.

You’re probably wondering where all this is going by now. Truthfully, I hope I never make any money from you unless I’m doing something to earn it. I’m not on my spiritual path to make a quick buck. Truthfully, I cringe every time I really enjoy listening to someone’s content on Instagram or YouTube, but then they have to drop the sales pitch for their course, meditation, cult-like Patreon community, or whatever. I mean, yay for them.

Here’s the thing- I’m not here to say “Money is bad.” Quite the opposite. I love money. If you make money selling a book, course, meditations, reiki, or whatever you’re doing, that’s great. If you’re an award winning success coach, life mentor or spiritual guru, that’s great. Good for you. It’s not a competition. I’m not in it to win it from you. I’ll celebrate your success. Cool.

Not me. I’m not on the spiritual path toward more money. When I “awoke” and saw what’s really going on out there in the world, I started asking, “What the actual f*ck is wrong with some of these people?” And I truthfully have two or three WTAF moments every day. And I don’t just mean people sponging money off of the New Age spiritual crowd. I mean, in general. Sometimes it seems like the closer one is to the top of the elite 1% that control so much and have so much wealth, the more likely something is seriously wrong with them. Things I don’t even want to think about, ever. Yeesh.

So, I’m not here to get rich off of spiritual folk. I’m not here to try to get rich off of the UFO crowd, or ET experiencers. I don’t want to make a dime talking about mental health, spiritual beliefs, or anything of the sort. (If my wife reads this, she’s probably cringing right now…)

I could be homeless and living under a bridge for that. The Universe will always provide. Believe and you will receive. Right? Let’s hope so. But I feel very strongly that lifting the collective consciousness is a not-for-profit industry.

More to come on this. It’s a topic I feel very strongly about. I’ve seen so many people doing it the way I have sworn not to do it. But, seriously, why? Are you about love and light or credit and debit?

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