About That Monetization

A couple of articles back, I mentioned a quandary when it comes to monetization. Well, let’s go into that a little deeper. Because, I love money. I love what money can do. I want to put that energy to good use. BUT, like many spiritual beings on this Earth, I have a very hard time asking for it.

This is why I don’t have a Patreon, VenMo, GoFundMe, or anything on Kickstarter. One, I don’t offer any service that I could charge money for. I mean, I’m sure WordPress doesn’t mind the ads being here, but I’m not making any real money. And second, Spirituality is FREE! Believe me when I say, finding yourself and finding your place in the Universe costs nothing in terms of money. Do NOT let anyone tell you otherwise.

I recently went rounds with a popular guru/yogi with a Lamborghini/self-titled millionaire with a cult-like following on Facebook and elsewhere. I asked very pointedly if he ever actually worked a day at a real job in his life. I’m a bit frustrated with these Law of Attraction folks who really seem to be living in a whole different reality than the rest of us. Sometimes there’s a backstory that we just don’t get from some of them.

I know a couple of these LoA types that suddenly sprang up into millionaire-dom. Millionaire-ity? Millionaire status. There we go. Nothing wrong with that, but I really get the impression that maybe there’s a little more going on that we, the viewing public, are aware of. Or maybe they’re not really millionaires at all. Regardless, some of them seen to have absolutely no idea how real people live. And that’s not to disrespect the rich, that’s just the facts at hand.

Why does a spiritual millionaire need to charge $11,000 for a life coaching course? Or why does a different one charge $500 for a business success course easily worth ten times that? Why does a super-powerful LoA guru have a vast network of people begging strangers for money every chance they get. And does it look like I’m made of money?

Does it look like I’m made of money?
Not a “Lack mindset,” just realistic, folks. I’m a real person.

Seriously, if I had a heap of cash lying around that my kids hadn’t claimed and my wife didn’t already have plans/bills for, maybe I’d spend $500 and learn six easy steps to becoming a spiritual millionaire. But, because I have responsibilities and a job (that I loathe) out in the real world, that ain’t happening.

And of course, Mr LoA guru will just say I’m not serious enough, or I’m butt-hurt because I can’t afford him or I’m just free-loading or whatever the excuse is. Yes, I know the difference between an abundance mindset vs a lack mindset or lack mentality when I see it. Believe me, I’ve seen a God’s-plenty of lack over the years growing up and starting a family. Not just myself, either, but those around me. I’m so happy and grateful for what I have. Make no mistake.

But what I’m trying to get at is that “Love and Light” should not be all about the $Benjamins$. I have defied these LoA folks time and time again to show me ONE, just ONE shining example of a working-class stiff who became a millionaire without spending his life savings on a “wealth and success coach.” And it’s the same running gag over in the spirituality community. It’s the overlap between LoA and spirituality. Honestly, sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach.

This spirituality for profit is a get-rich-quick scheme. Organized religion has had this same scam going for thousands of years. Follow us. Donate to us. Believe all the dogma. Drink your Kool-aid. Continue to contribute to society the same way you have for centuries, but don’t forget to give til it hurts.

You don’t need a spiritual awakening to stay a part of the ho-hum status quo, family. If one wishes to go one day to the next doing the same old rinse-n-repeat every day, that’s cool. It’s not my shtick. But there’s better, and if you’re here, you probably realize that.

So, I don’t have a problem with you if you sell your course and any price. I don’t mind if you offer up you $11K mentoring program. You won’t catch me doing any of that. I won’t offer it. I probably shell out for it.

This is an energetic exchange between myself and the author, to whom I pretty much owe my well-being. I don’t know how else to explain it, but again- no monetary profit here for me and keeping it that way!

Do I often show off The Six Habits? Darn right! But that’s different from what I’m talking about. And again, I make not a single dime in profit from this. In fact, I probably owe Laura more than I could ever pay her in cash. And we’ll get into that more in another entry. But if you’re looking to invest a few buck in self development- it’s a great way to go.

Getting back to my original point. I don’t begrudge anyone what they are doing. I’m just telling you from first hand experience, that there is nothing I can teach you that you can’t learn for yourself; intellectually or spiritually. And that’s why I’m not asking for money on my website, Patreon, or anywhere else. I hereby promise to never offer up any “exclusive content” or anything else that I wouldn’t happily explain for FREE!

Much love. Til next time.

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