Is It Truly Better?

I’ve been talking about money the last couple of posts. More specifically, why I don’t ask for it. You’ll never see me on Patreon, asking for money on my website, or starting a must-have course related to spirituality, UFOs, ETs, or anything of the sort. Right now, I am a strictly non-profit endeavor. This is my attitude. It may not work for everyone.

I find it interesting that I hear well-known Law of Attraction teachers contradicting themselves when they talk about things being effortless versus things being a constant grind. I recently saw Aaron Abke explain this as an Abraham Hicks vs Eckhart Tolle video. His conclusion made sense: Law of Attraction is a fun game to play, but quickly dissipates as soon as you move toward oneness. I agree.

A lot of the hobby creators I follow do a Kickstarter or Patreon Page. It’s just not my thing. I mean, sure, I’ve backed some Kickstarters recently. If you have a product that you want to see go to print, it’s probably a good idea. But make darn sure the art quality and writing/editing are top notch. Lots of extras to throw out as treats for backer rewards always help as well. It makes more sense for a tabletop role-playing game, I suppose.

If you’re doing heavy esoteric work, as I seek to do, Patreon seems like an especially bad idea to me. This is just MY opinion, however. It’s almost straight out of the cultist’s handbook for a spiritual leader to start a Patreon page, though. Think about it. Pay in money to join an exclusive club to get special content from a spiritual leader. Is it just me? Some of the other major check boxes for a cult aren’t there necessarily. It’s not to say every spiritual leader with a Patreon page is bad, either. It just looks kinda sketchy to me. 

If you can go to the church down on the corner and get your religion for free, why spend the big bucks on Patreon? If it’s a dollar to keep the newsletter running, I guess I could see it. If someone has a few bucks to help keep the heat on in the church and maybe help feed the preacher’s family, sure. Put a few dollars in the collection plate. But those are willing donations with presumably local results. We all know that has been abused as well, however.

So, if money is collected from crowdfunding a spiritual cause? Where does that go? Does this make New Age Spirituality any better than organized religion? Maybe you’re helping someone out feeding their family or maybe you’re feeding right into someone’s shoe fetish. It’s truly hard to tell.

IFF I ever have a bonafide product to sell, I’ll let you know. Honestly, my goal is to get the heck out of the 48 hour work grind that I’m currently in. For one thing, the schedule is a nightmare and for another, it just not me. In fact, I pray regularly for zero point energy to become the popular thing on the Earth plane, like, today would be good. I made so many mistakes before I woke up, and working for the (euww) oil industry was most definitely one of them. Like I said, I’ll let you know when I get hit with the metaphysical bolt of creative passion lightning that fixes my financial issues and inspires me to discover and fulfill my life’s purpose. (Any day now, God.)

Now, I have a quick life update to run and then another brief article on this subject.

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