Duality and $eparation

Look at both sides. Change. Change. Change.

I’ve actually put this particular column off for a while now. It’s really stuck in my proverbial craw for quite a while now. (Translation for the youngins: It’s been a triggering subject, kay?) All my life there have been struggles with money. Call it an old paradigm. Call it what you will. Some in the Law of Attraction community will probably lose their marbles regardless.

This whole odyssey of money talk when a certain LoA guru was being a straight-up d*ck to one of his people. I don’t give a flying f*ck how rich you are, you don’t treat people like that. Further more, if LoA works as awesome as he says it does, why are you telling people to “hustle harder, work more?” Where’s all the love and light, universal consciousness, third eye meditation talk? What happened to teaching and guiding as opposed to shitting all over one of your employees? Not kidding, the dude went from being a spiritual warrior and an authority figure on LoA to being the biggest jackass on YouTube, instantly.

And I would have said he was having a bad yogi day if it was an isolated incident. The guy continued to flog it over the course of three or for more videos. Sorry, I lost count because I stopped watching. I think all the fame, fortune, Lamborghini, and Netflix documentary went to someone’s head. Either that, or he sold out to the other side and became Illuminated, if you know what I mean.

But that brings us back to the question, which is it? Work hard and hustle, hustle, hustle so you can sit in the boss’ office someday? Or is it raise your vibration, focus on your vision and act when the time is right with the appropriate amount of effort. Is it chase til you drop or let go and trust the Universe has your back?

I wish a certain “Master” had remembered this quote instead of being a jerk.

My apologies, this is a long article. Let’s look at Duality for a moment. Light or dark? Up or down? Left or right? Male or female? In or out? Welcome to the 3D Earth plane where we are not all one.

Likewise let’s look at Separation for a moment. Because the Almighty decided to experience all forms of itself in order to experience itself, to paraphrase Eckhart Tolle, it separated into billions upon billions of forms. (Talk about perspective!) So, on top of Duality, we have the “Haves” and the “Have-Nots.” We have the stupidly rich 1% and the continuum of the other 99% of us. We have those who are sure they’re going to ascend and the rest of us who will get to the Fifth Dimension regardless of what they think, eventually. (Longer story there for another day.)

So, ‘Master Knucklehead with a Lamborghini’ as I now call him went from being a benevolent, philanthropic, caring, entrepreneurial millionaire to a really sleazy, slimy jackass of a boss who I wouldn’t want to work for, ever. And furthermore made me really wonder wtf if wrong with LoA if this is what people turn into when they hit the big time. Seriously, it’s like LoA became the biggest psy-op since UFO conspiracies.

If someone working for me came to me and asked, “How can I get promoted in your company?” My response is not going to be “Hustle harder. Work more hours. I should fire you because you’re not working hard enough. There’s nothing separating you from all the dime-a-dozen workers out there. I can replace you with anyone off the street today.” While this might not be a popularity contest, I think there are far, far better ways to answer that question. If my boss said that to me, I’m pretty sure I’d make him fill my position today because that’s bullshit. You don’t treat people like that.

I think a better, more benevolent response from a higher vibrational standpoint might have been something to the effect of, “Here’s what I’m looking for in a manager (or ‘X’ position.) Let’s see what we can do to get you there.” Your value to any company should not be determined by strictly how hard you hustle and how indispensable you make yourself. In the rather greasy corporate world especially, we’ve seen time and time again where all that hustle and grind still lands you in the same unemployment line as the person who did the minimum to get by. People get treated worse than cattle by the 1%. I love prosperity, but I don’t want to ever treat someone like they don’t matter.

That’s my next point. I’m about love and light. I’m about prosperity for all. If the universe wants us to experience and much beauty, love, fun, and joy all around as possible, let’s help one another get there. I cringe when I hear LoA gurus tell people they’re “not good enough.” Maybe pushing a lack mentality is not the best way to demonstrate the abundance mindset. Let’s elevate instead of telling people to stay stuck in that tired, destructive, competitive old hustle paradigm.

It’s not a competition. We’re forcing the idea of separation on ourselves every time we compete. If the person next to me gets the big promotion, great. I’m happy for them. Awesome. Am I going to ask what I need to do to get there next time it comes up? Definitely. Who wouldn’t?

If my employer can’t tell me how I need to improve, then obviously they don’t need me that badly because they’re not trying to build a business. I put forward to any business owner, that if you’re not working with your people to improve them, elevate them, educate them, inspire them, and build a strong team, then you’re not serious about your business. Sorry. (God, if only my bosses read my blog…)

Now, my friend Laura DiBenedetto made a very good point once when she said she didn’t just sit on her meditation pillow and poof, one day it all happened for her. She worked freakin hard to get where she is now. I love and respect that so much. Retired at 37? That is pretty impressive, but it didn’t come easy. I call her “Boss” and I don’t even work for her officially.

Laura DiBenedetto, Founder of Vision Advertising, Author of The Six Habits, TedX speaker, and someone I admire greatly.

Truthfully, Laura has made her share of mistakes. She’ll be the first one to tell you that. She is/was a fan of what I call the hustle-and-grind mentality. BUT, she will probably also be the first to remind us that there is more to life, more to abundance than your job, your paycheck or your position in some company somewhere. Truthfully, as LoA people go, (my words, not hers,) she’s about as practical and realistic as one can get. Actually, her outlook toward success and abundance leans mostly toward JOY, which is to say as high of a vibration as possible. That’s where the focus should really be, shouldn’t it? That’s really the end result we’re all striving for, isn’t it?

I don’t know how Laura is as a boss, truthfully. I can speculate all day, but I don’t work for her as an employee, although I do think it would be pretty cool. However, I can honestly say, she is a great motivator, someone who asks questions to make you think, be honest in her responses to your questions, and will inspire you get to where you want to be in life on your own power without running you down. (Much like any other time, she has no idea I’m doing this.) Yes. Go read The Six Habits. Please note, I’m not paid a dime for promoting it. This is strictly because it’s a good book and the author has been an inspiration to me.

I’ll probably revisit this subject at some point in the future. My struggles with Law of Attraction are uh, soon to be over. (Nervous giggle.) At least, that’s what I’m supposed to say. Because if I say, “far from over,” then that implies it’s a length of time out of this now moment as to make it nigh unreachable or that it hasn’t happened yet.

I want to make one point very clear. I love prosperity, whether that’s money, property, love or good health and good times. I do not begrudge others their prosperity. If you’re a millionaire, more power to you. If you’re a billionaire, more power to you. Do no harm. Good intention will always uplift.

I’m going to throw down my mission statement right now. I intend to work for myself and be as prosperous as the Universe will allow however it happens. I intend to be the best employer I could ever work for and be as considerate as I can dream. I will value Kindness, Presence, Gratitude, Intention, Acceptance and Goodness every day. I will strive to embrace love and joy as much as possible for the greatest and highest good of all.

If I ever do manage to employ other people, which might not happen, I promise to be the best freakin boss I can be. I promise to uplift and educate. I promise integrity and philanthropy will be a high priority. And lastly, I promise not to be a jerk to my employees, and if/when I do screw up, to accept criticism with kindness and grace as is due my station as a leader.

Much love and light. Stay safe. Be back soon.

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