I Am Among You

I’m not really talking about this adorable little video game that my kids are all playing these days, but I wanted to get the reference in there. Is there even a gray dude in this game? (asking for a friend.) Image c/o Among Us Wiki.

I’m not an imposter. Yes, really! Please don’t vote me off the, uh… ship? Or wherever.

Despite my cartoonish antics at times, I am the real deal. Although lately, I have to say, I wonder if I am an imposter of sorts. Do you know there’s actually a syndrome for that? No real surprise. I mean, there’s a syndrome or a disorder for almost everything, right? But yes, there is this thing called, “Imposter Syndrome.” Also not related to the video game, sadly.

I sort of knew what it was before the other day. In LoA and spiritual circles, there is a degree of overlap with plain old psychology. That’s something I took plenty-of in college, and sociology, along with journalism. It’s not all that new of a term, but it comes up a lot when one starts experiencing an awakening or a lot of success manifesting one’s desires. It’s enough to leave one scratching their head.

As always and with anything, I highly encourage you to do your own research. I am not claiming to be a psychologist. Part of being genuine is knowing when to admit you don’t know everything. There are tons of experts out there. I’m happy to point you toward them.

How did I get here? Do I belong? Am I really doing this thing or did I imagine it? Is any of this real? Should I be doing this at all? These are the types of questions associated with being in the imposter mindset.

Hey! Guess what? I’m a writer and I’m writing. Other than my occasional grammatical and sentence structure flubs, I’m for real trained to do this thing that I’m doing right now. Of course, so is a college or even high school drop-out. (And lots of love and respect for you if you did. You caught onto their little game long before I did. Bravo!) If you can put readable sentences into an editor, you can blog. It’s not super hard.

Next week’s lesson- artwork. Good ol WordPress tried to sell me a course on blogging this last week. I thought the idea was cute. For $50 I can go and invalidate everything I learned about journalism, web design and layout or brush up on it, maybe. Yay for continuing to learn, I suppose.

Guess who almost voted himself off the ship this week?
(Thanks for the image, Bitmoji.)

Funny thing about diplomas. Elon Musk was quoted as saying, “All college is good for is proving you know how to do your chores.” Jake Ducey echoed that statement. Jake did drop out of college. He’s a millionaire now, and doing things that inspire me to do what I do.

So, all that time I put in getting a diploma means what?

I know how to jump through hoops well enough to get a AA in Liberal Arts and a BA in Journalism and Sociology. (Double major.) But does that make me not-an-imposter?

For the first time since I started this blog, I feel like I got some serious recognition. Which, all I wanted to do from the beginning was get my opinions out there. I never thought my own fear of success would trip me up. And it did. I had a major case of imposter syndrome rolling earlier this week, even tonight before I sat down to write.

Holy sh*t! Am I really supposed to be here? Are my opinions valid? Should I be talking about spirituality, Law of Attraction, UFOs, extraterrestrials and extradimensionals? Am I qualified?

Heck YES!!!

Now, honestly, I have not spent years in the field doing research like my heroes, Richard Dolan or Linda Moulton Howe. My spiritual awakening came more recently, so I’m not as experienced with being a lightworker as Anna Brown or Shane Hawk. (Links to their YouTube channels below.) I’m not a LoA expert like Jake Ducey or Aaron Doughty, although at this point, they feel like long lost brothers. (Links down below.) In terms of inspirational leaders, I’m not Laura DiBenedetto or Sharyn Leanna (Links below, too.) BUT, they’re not Jeff Craigmile. I’ve learned from all of them. And we’re here on this plane to uplift one another. Now it’s time for me to start giving back. Let’s do it!

I’m not here to regurgitate all of their info and they’re not here to quote me. But I am going to start dropping even more of my opinions and these folks along with so many others have helped shape those opinions. (Permission already granted if they do want to quote me…) Lots of love. Please go check all of them out. That said, I AM SO HAPPY TO KNOW AND SO VERY GRATEFUL FOR THEM AND ALL OF MY EARTHLY TEACHERS!!! Thank you!

And last, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU! I appreciate and have so much love for all of my readers, whether we agree or not. Thank you!

Ufology Superstars:
Richard Dolan: Start here: Richard Dolan on Wikipedia
Linda Moulton Howe: So many possible references… Linda’s website is Earthfiles.com

Two beautiful souls I have learned so much from:
Anna Brown on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AnnaBrown/featured
Anna can also be found on Instagram @annaebrown7

Shane Hawk, the Spirit of the Cosmos, who has taught me so much, can be found on YouTube at: The Spirit of the Cosmos. Or on Instagram: @thespiritofthecosmos

Two of my absolute favorite Law of Attraction gurus:
Jake Ducey: jakeducey.com or on YouTube: Jake Ducey
Aaron Doughty on YouTube: Aaron Doughty or on Instagram: @aaron_doughty44

Last but not least by any means, two amazing ladies that I look up to all the time:
Laura DiBenedetto: The Six Habits or look for The Six Habits on Amazon.
Sharyn Leanna on YouTube: Sharyn Leanna

My next article is going to be a deeper dive into the world of extraterrestrial contact, a subject I have been super long getting back to. Til then, stay safe. Love ya.

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