Keeping it Simple

Hi All,

I’m still around. We celebrated our third son’s birthday today. He’s 10 now. I’m feeling somewhat astonished.

I would love for the galactics, angels or somebeing to explain exactly how linear time is supposed to work. I feel like I blink and 20 years are just gone. Ten years are just gone. I know we spend a lot of it in survival mode, but then some of those survival moments seem like an eternity. Yet some of the truly beautiful ones are gone in a flash. Aren’t we here for the experience? Can’t we just enjoy the good experiences?

So, today, I just chose Presence in the form of spending time with my family. My wife has requested that I avoid sharing family photos on social media and that’s cool. Sorry, internet fam. But the point remained the same. I didn’t even have my phone on me for most of the day.

Now, why did I capitalize Presence? Two reasons, actually. One is I still make an effort to be mindful of The Six Habits. Presence being one of the more challenging ones to master.

The other is more of the Eckhart Tolle sense of the word. I know it’s a big concept, and yet so simple to grasp. But the Creator/God/Source can be found in the simple, quiet moments in life. It’s amazing what you can pick up when you spend more time listening than scrolling on your phone, talking about something like work, or watching some other screen go by. (Nintendo is the most popular choice here, currently.) But seriously, there is a unified consciousness field that can really be felt when our family (physical or otherwise) is all present in one moment together. I think it’s proof that the Greater Presence exists in all of us.

Love you all. Stay safe. See you again soon.

Laura DiBenedetto’s The Six Habits.

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