U.gly F.rustrating O.bjections

This has been a huge, undeniably HUGE week for Ufology. The Pentagon has gone on record acknowledging a couple of videos. Former TTSA member Lue Elizondo went on CBS 60 Minutes and spoke about UFO reality. Lastly, UFO guru, my hero, Dr Steven Greer went on YouTube and stuck his foot firmly in his mouth.

Oh, and on a personal note, I’m losing my marbles this week because I’ve realized some things about Ufology and our big ol’ community in general. How long have we KNOWN about UFO reality? I get that the “general public” of the year 2021 is supposedly new to the UAP/UFO discussion, but WHY THE F%@K ARE WE ACTING LIKE THIS IS ALL NEW???

Okay, first off, I’m not pro Nazi. I apologize if I trigger anyone. I don’t agree with what they stood for.

Now, stopping to think critically for a moment- The Germans, Nazi or otherwise KNEW about UFO reality since around the 1930’s. The Vril Society and specifically Maria Orsic freakin KNEW about ET reality. The Germans had help, quite probably from a group of beings loosely referred to as the Nordics from the Aldebaran system. Now, our friends at Wikipedia have marginalized all of the rest of this to conspiracy theory, fiction, insanity, and whatever whatever. I firmly and unequivocally believe that it happened. Look at Antarctica today if there’s any doubt.

Jump ahead to Operation Paperclip. The United States absorbs a bunch of former Nazi scientists in an effort to win the Cold War, get ahead of the Soviet Union, win the space race, build better nukes, etc. Oh wait… What did I say about the Third Reich knowing way more than the Allies did about this stuff??? Because they were given help by a group of extraterrestrials. For cryin out loud- the Waffen SS were a cult formed around superior beings. As a side note, the SS were formed from, and worked very closely with the German Luftwaffe. There are no coincidences!

Another deep thought for you. Do you think that maybe the Russians grabbed a few scientists for themselves at the end of WWII? They did capture their own fair share of secret Nazi R&D bases (not Concentration Camps,) actual secret underground research facilities. How do you think they got Sputnik satellites into space so fast? Admittedly, they had their share of ugly failures as it turns out. The US and the USSR apparently only retrieved the table scraps of the Nazi flying saucer program.

A couple of things happened in the late 1940’s that I will mention in passing. One is the crash of UFO craft in Roswell, New Mexico. If I hear one more word about Roswell or Area 51, I swear I’m gonna… And the other big thing was a pilot named Kenneth Arnold saw a cluster of Unidentified Flying Objects, which were later rebranded to the term “flying saucers.” Again- the US has been exposed to UFO reality. Kenneth Arnold’s sighting was big news at the time. Why are we acting like it happened today? Sorry, Mr Elizondo, but with all due respect you’re spouting some shit that we’ve all known about since 1947. Just a thought…

In the 1950’s, the United States went flying saucer crazy. Project Blue Book was created by the United States Air Force to “study” UFO sightings. Without getting into Majestic 12 or any of the behind-the-scenes intelligence stuff (again) we’ll just say Blue Book was designed to debunk, defraud and discourage anyone and everyone from reporting UFO sightings or looking into the matter at all on their own. In fact, obviously if you saw a UFO it was relabeled as “swamp gas, ball lightning,” or the ever popular “weather balloon.” There sure were a lot of weather balloons flying around back in those days. Not to mention all the “crazy” people. Dang. But again, satellites and rocket tests aside, people were seeing things in the sky and by trying so hard to deflect the truth, the US government was basically admitting that they knew what was up. Literally.

Dr J. Allen Hynek was the scientist who came out on behalf of Project Blue Book and basically said, “Nothing to see here. Move along.” and for the most part, US society did. It was a time in America when the government was looked up to, trusted and generally respected. Later Dr Hynek would recant his Blue Book testimony publicly and admit that the government either didn’t know what a lot of sightings actually were or that they did know and were highly encouraged to make sure the public didn’t know.

Also in the 1950’s President Dwight D Eisenhower met with representatives from an ET civilization. This meeting has been talked about by so many people, so many times I don’t understand why we keep trying to deny it happened. Which beings he met with from what star system is still up for debate. Personally, I draw the link back to Operation High Jump and whatever Admiral Byrd encountered because it makes more sense to me. Then that would also mean it was the probably the Nordics because we’re pretty certain they ran into Nazi Flying saucers there. This meeting with Eisenhower is also the one where a deal was cut to allow experiments on humans in exchange for technological secrets. Does anyone really think that warning Eisenhower gave about the military industrial complex was completely Cold War related? Absolutely not! He knew what the ETs handed over.

This article is growing quite long and I would like to continue this discussion next time. We still have another event from the 1950’s and a couple of things from the 60’s I want to look at. I promise I won’t bore everyone with the history lesson much beyond that and there are some much greater points coming. Til then, keep looking up. Keep questioning what they are telling you, and don’t take any wooden nickels.

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