Living the dream.

This whole being my own boss thing has been amazing so far! It’s been peaceful, quiet, and very relaxing. Authenticity has been so much easier. My anxiety has been at an all time low. I haven’t spent this much time with my family since the pandemic broke out. I have no complaints thus far.

Are there challenges?

Yes, absolutely. My wife would prefer I look for a regular, conventional job. >cringe< I’m exploring options to keep being my own boss and doing my own thing. Yeah, I’m still putting out resumes here and there. I haven’t had a lot of bites and that’s okay.

Also, full personal disclosure, I’ve been feeling the chilly bite of depression here and there for whatever reason. But hey, “shadow work” is how we grow. I knew it was coming and I’ve been dealing with it using all the tools I’ve learned along the way. It’s actually been a bit easier when not coupled with anxiety and frustration.

Flipping to a day schedule has been probably the hardest part. I honestly don’t remember the last time I rose in the morning and slept at night. Still working on that second half. I meditate. I nap. I’m awake at some pretty oddball hours yet. I don’t mind.

Oh, and the ever-present challenge of working from home, which makes me giggle with glee. My wife wiped out drawer in the kitchen. Oh noes… And occasionally one of the cats will hork up a furball or one of the kids needs a bike tire repair or something. Nothing to get excited about.

What do I enjoy?

Like, besides everything right now? Lol! well, maybe not everything. But darned close.

I have an affirmation on my desk that says, “I am my own best boss and favorite employee.” It’s true. I have another one that says, “I choose to be my best self.” I feel liberated.

If you’re working for some big, nameless, faceless, uncaring, unfeeling corporation but you’re happy? Great. I’m happy for you. Me? I NEVER want to go back to that environment. A friend on Instagram mentioned she’d recently gotten out of the fast food industry. I practically celebrated for her! Hallelujah!!!

I want to help people. I intend for my message someday to reach a million people or more. It is possible to be happy! I’ll just as gladly help one extraterrestrial contactee/experiencer at a time. I’ll help build you a website for dirt cheap. I don’t think authors are making heaps of money these days. But at least it’s interpersonal and not ultra professional.

Am I saying people should run out and quit their corporate jobs?

No. I will say I wish I had done so a very long time ago. I used to call out and mock certain well known LoA gurus who talked about that. What I will say, is be responsible for yourself and your family. I would not have made it this far without the love and support of my wife. I have every ounce of faith that I’m going to pay her back.

That having been said, I’m not going back to a corporation probably ever. Not my cup of tea. If it’s your thing? Great. Enjoy that. Really. Personally, I’d rather dip a paper cut in boiling, concentrated lemon juice while being waterboarded during a police interrogation on Christmas morning than go back to work for any large company ever again.

I have so much gratitude.

I have to thank so many people. I’ll be dropping Instagram posts and emails for some of them. Every night, I thank Gaia, Source, my Higher Self, my Family of Light, the Ascended Masters, my Earthly Teachers, my human family, my three fur children and my readers. I’m grateful just for being here and for the wealth/prosperity that flows into our lives endlessly, effortlessly and copiously every day. I’d also like to shout out @lauradibenedetto because she has helped me to get where I am now. Thanks all!!!

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