Zero Point Energy and Why It’s Important

Do we really love fossil fuels and nuclear energy that much?

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Is it really worth it? The gas and oil companies rake in billions of dollars every year. Meanwhile, people in some countries are struggling to get out of the driveway to earn barely enough to eat and pump gas. It trickles all the way down. Convenience stores earn millions of dollars per month yet most of that goes in the pockets of the people at the top. Most places, the person behind the register is barely staying above the poverty level. The automotive industry is probably one of the most corrupt institutions ever devised. Let’s not go there.

What about public transportation? Good point. Still costs money, scheduling and routing are usually pretty crummy, and a lot of cities and large towns are farther apart in the US. I truly envy my European friends with their tight-knit communities and short commutes.

What about electric cars? Ahem, has anyone noticed that the price on these things is still out of the range of most consumers and charging stations seem to be few and far between. Can someone please enlighten Mr Musk on how the rest of the world lives, please? Not to mention, electric cars still turn right around and put money back into the other financial energy monster of the world- the electric companies.

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Nikola Tesla had broadcast power pretty much worked out. Not a lot of wires there. Unfortunately, they can’t put a meter on it, so that idea got buried. I also find it somewhat intriguing that all of Tesla’s papers mysteriously disappeared into government hands upon his death. Does that look suspicious to anyone else?

Nuclear power is just plain dangerous and stupid. Oil and coal deplete natural resources. At least the geothermal, hydroelectric and wind turbine people are trying to do the right thing, but their operating costs are ridiculous compared to what we could have. And let’s not forget solar power. Poor solar power. If the keys to the patent office weren’t held by the same people with the same interests that suppressed Nikola Tesla, maybe solar panels would be as common as satellite dishes or maybe one on every home. Alas, that idea is too hard to slap an electric bill on.

So, all of our current energy solutions are “broken.” What can we do?

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Break out your tinfoil hats because here it comes. We have to pray and work toward free energy every day. Personally, I believe that our Star Family, the ETs or even Interdimensional beings hold the key to getting us back on track. Either we force government Disclosure, which then hopefully unlocks the patent office or we manage to come up with free energy tech on our own before it can be suppressed by the government. I suspect there have been engines that run on water and systems that can generate volumes of electricity that can power entire cities from one room without being absolutely toxic. Unfortunately the inventors and their ideas were suppressed before anyone could see them.

But, what about all the super powerful rich CEOs and giant corporations?

Does anyone really think the ridiculously rich and “powerful” elites that control the US or any other country will be any worse off with the discovery of free energy? My theory is their will be socioeconomic and cultural upheaval early on, followed by a lot of disparity and apathy as soon as the secrets of free energy are released. Can’t be any worse than a global pandemic is my guess.

The zero point energy gives us unlimited transportation, electricity and frees up thousands if not millions of people. Think of all of the lives that could be enriched by not having to go to work every day. Think of how amazing it would be for people to be able to put more time into things they truly enjoy doing. Think of the revolutions in agriculture. Think of the amazing discoveries that would become possible within days of not having to launch chemical rockets into space or nuclear submarines into the oceans.

Let’s come back to this subject again soon. Miracles are within reach. We just have to stop living under the thumbs of the elite 1% who effectively own the planet. We can have a better world. We will have a better world.

I’m telling ya- They’ll put us back on track.

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