It’s Been a Good Minute

You ARE safe. Remember, Source energy looking back onto itself? Plus, I’m here for you.

Since I sat down to write anything…

I apologize for the gap in between posts, family. I’d like to make this one of those I’m-going-to-post-more articles, but honestly, I’m not sure right now. Yes, I’d like to get the most out of my WordPress dollars. I mean, that’s why it’s here, right?

I’ve had some trials and tribulations out here in the real world and all. Everything is okay now. Everyone was/is healthy. That’s all fine and well. I took some time out to really reflect on what I’ve been doing and what I am. I mean, what I really stand for.

Yes, I do a lot of soul searching. It’s part of the spiritual territory. If you don’t ask the tough questions, it’s hard to receive answers. Yes, receive answers.

Source/God/Universe speaks through us.

My beautiful atheist friends (Yes, I acknowledge you.) would be getting a good chuckle out of me saying this. But I feel it’s very true. We don’t talk to Source like it’s Google or Bing. As an atheist friend of mine once said, “There’s no magical sky man with all your answers.”

At the time I kinda disagreed politely. Turns out he was actually right. My good friend Shane reminded me a while back that God is IN us. Go within to seek your truth. (Check out @thespiritofthecosmos on Instagram and YouTube for more of Shane’s brilliance and wisdom.) Which is to say we are all made of Source energy. When you gaze upon another person, you are gazing at the Universe itself! Isn’t that amazing?

My Higher Self, that being that came to this 3D Earth plane to forget and relive the excitement already knows. I already knew the answers to to tough questions before I ever asked. Now, I’m just telling you, my friends and family. It’s all here. Go within. Be the best you already know you are!

Sometimes the spiritual riffs flow through me.

Back in my younger days, about 20 years ago, someone asked me why I didn’t become a minister. I never realized how much I apparently talked about God back then? Here’s the catch- I’ve never been into organized religion. I don’t do dogma. I’m not big on rules, or authority (aside from, well, the Universal Laws, but that’s a personal code and not something I insist everyone do.) I believe in a benevolent Universe, which is to say God doesn’t exist to punish us.

I know. I know. I’m gonna sound all “Woo-woo New Age-y” and say, “There is no Hell.” I mean, basically there isn’t, but I know that’s complicated and I’ll cover that some other time. But essentially, you’re going to play your part and pay your karmic debt eventually. It’s still all learning. We won’t get into the really dark and grim stuff today.

Where was I going with this?

Lol! Oh yeah… We had some drama on #ufotwitter recently with @anjaliongaia that really shook me up. We got to see the very, very ugly side of some people in the #UFO community. I won’t rehash or drag it all up again, but basically the expedition has been put on hold and the skeptics have gone bonkers with “I told ya so.”

I got into some arguments, I saw some of my own dark side coming forth and honestly I needed to step back and take a break from it all. I think my friend Añjali should have gone to the Experiencer/Contactee community instead of holding a press conference and involving some of the real ass-hats on #ufotwitter. The spiritual community is also very warm and welcoming and it Añjali’s message would have been much more well-received there. But, we can only move forward.

“Night Terrors.”

One of my friends on Twitter mentioned she has Night Terrors when she takes Melatonin. (Melatonin is a natural sleep aid that has been known to put one in a deep Theta brainwave state.) This sets off immediate alarm bells in my mind because it could be any number of things that cause the night terror phenomenon. One of the possible causes of sleep paralysis/night terrors is visitation by extradimensional or extraterrestrial contact. Hello? That’s my jam.

So, I paused for a second because it could also stem from real world, physical, psychological, or emotional trauma and I’m not a licensed anything. I messaged her with a great deal of compassion and caution. Turns out is was related to real world causes and not ET contact. My friend has it under control, with proper therapy, etc. There’s nothing I can offer but compassion.

I used to suffer from both night terrors and sleep paralysis. Some of you already know what I’m going to say next… You know what fixed it? Yup. Meditation.

Also, if you’re having symptoms of night terrors or sleep paralysis, remember to breathe. Am I still breathing? Check. Okay, all is well. Why am I afraid? Who’s in charge here?

Several Experiencers have recounted that their would-be nocturnal captors ceased and desisted immediately when they invoked the name of Jesus Christ or another ascended master. You have power over these contact experiences. You ARE safe. Remember, Source energy looking back onto itself? Yeah.

One guy claims to regularly attack beings in his home with the katana placed next to his bed. Not sure how much I buy into that, but if it makes him feel safe, I guess. My own contact experiences slowed down after I chased beings back to their craft with a 12 gauge shotgun, which I now regret immensely. But again, it’s about feeling safe in any situation involving night terrors. Please remember you ARE safe!

To any beings listening, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you!

Why isn’t this a separate article?

Because I realized I was neglecting my audience. I apologize. I DO have something to contribute. I’m going to start contributing more again. I can’t promise regularly or daily, but I am still going to be here. I love you, family. I appreciate you. And I’m always here if you need anything or if there are any questions I can help you answer.

Stay safe. Have a beautiful day.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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