Blog articles are much easier than writing almost anything else.

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Why? Because if it’s my personal blog, I don’t obsess over every word. I laugh when I see these articles about charging what you’re worth and taking on too many clients. I honestly wonder how anyone does it. Rarely do I receive a straight answer.

I’m super picky about everything I write “professionally.” Like, I agonize when writing adventures. Has this been done before? Is it too cliché’? Are they going to like it? Is it original enough? Would I buy this?

I’m now on a second or third draft of one that I’m working on and ready to go to another story entirely. It’s amazing how many times I’m willing to think and overthink something and still end up changing my mind entirely. But I want everything to be just so if it’s going to represent me in publication. Not to mention I’m super jumpy about criticism after my last job. (Flunked a test for PTSD. That bad.)

My therapist says I have perfectionist and people-pleasing tendencies. LOL! Only all my life. Some people say I’m high strung and have a huge ego. Maybe? But if you knew what a cruel, rotten bastard my inner critic is, you’d get why I might appear high strung.

Stress compounds everything. Looming deadlines, sick kids, sick wife, and sick me don’t help matters. My car needs an oil change. It’s umpteen below zero in Iowa right now. Unemployment is running out. Funniest part is, I brought this on myself to a certain degree.

My wife gave me the best piece of advice ever.

Do you know what she said?

“Just do the damn thing and turn it in!”

After a little more discourse, I decided she’s right. Either my editor will like it or they won’t. It’s either going to sell or it’s not. Regardless of how it pans out, I’m going to survive and grow.

Until next time, stay safe. Please drink lots of fluids, get some rest, and eat your vegetables. Game on.