#FlashFicFeb is going well. Other things- 😬

Day 4: Legend. I had fun with this one. I want to do much longer stories based around some of these. It’s too much fun. Really.

Today’s excerpt is:
Three shaggy, long-bearded men sat around the campfire after another long day of trekking through the woods in search of a legendary dragon and its treasure. It was that time of night, after dinner but before bed when tales of daring and epic deeds would be told. Each man, starting with Ulric will tell one thing that makes him more noteworthy than other men.

I’m only putting up mostly excerpts for now until I decide which one will be submitted for publication. I’ll drop a folder with all of the finished stories on the site at the end of the month. One will be submitted to the Storytelling Collective for publication on DriveThruFiction as part of a compilation.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In other news…

I’m emailing my poor editor later to explain why I’m still woefully behind on a couple of D&D adventures. I might be overthinking things? Two weeks of Covid rampaging through the house didn’t help matters. I’ve also been having fun with unemployment issues and my own health. It might sound stupid, but sometimes being unemployed and home all day; doing housework is more taxing than working part time or even full time? Sounds crazy to me, but it’s how things have been.

I have lots of cool campaign ideas and plans for games floating around in my head, in my docs, and in my notebook. Lots more in the weeks to come. Also an update on my Power Rangers RPG campaign that I’m building for here at home. It’s gonna be fun for my family, at least. I’ve got lots of other stuff in the works as soon as this D&D project is finished, some of which I can’t even discuss yet.

So, please stay tuned. Have a lovely weekend. See you soon. 😃