Role Playing Games.

I’ll be honest, I was diagnosed with ADHD over a decade ago. I was medicated for it. Then I learned to meditate and got off of the medication. Most of the time it remains in check, but I still get sidetracked periodically.

Lately I’ve been concerned about what’s going on with world politics, LGTBQIA++ matters, philosophy, spirituality, and minor issue here at (my) home. I truly just want to get back to talking about mecha, Power Rangers RPG, my Fate Space/Horror game, and D&D. We might also be talking about some Dungeon Crawl Classics and a few other games.

Please don’t take this as a sign

That I don’t care about those more serious topics or that I’m trying to maintain the status quo. Please let me be clear: I do care about the serious stuff. I do care about my LGBTQ friends. I am still a very spiritual person at heart. I’m with you. I care about you.

But I also have to take care of myself. By taking care of myself, I’m taking care of my family, community, and helping others. Truthfully, the state of affairs in our world is starting to take a toll on my mental health. It’s sad, literally.

I’ve got my own share of personal matters to cope with right now, too. My unemployment ran out. I still haven’t found a paying remote job. SSDI fell through. (Round one. We aren’t done yet.) This blog keeps me sane.

I’d like to teach the world to game, not sing.

LOL! Only because I was told I have a singing voice that’s perfect for print. But seriously, if we could all sit down together with our beverages of choice and roll some dice together; maybe have a good laugh; that’d be just swell. I’d rather make characters not war.

Let’s pray peace breaks out and we can get back to having fun again. Let’s hope midterm elections prove successful in removing certain unruly elements from office before half the United States resembles Nazi Germany. Let’s leave the planet in better shape than it was in 100 years ago.

Thank you. I appreciate you. Take care.