Roll 1d12 on the following table. Monster ideas may be combined for more amusing results. Octopus Cowboy anyone?

  1. Cowboy
  2. Pro Wrestler
  3. Samurai
  4. Chef
  5. Astronaut
  6. Punk Rock Star
  7. Athlete
  8. Gardener
  9. Knight
  10. Scuba Diver
  11. Barber
  12. Clown

Bonus Table: Weird Ray of the Week

Roll 1d12 on the following to see what the Rangers might be getting zapped with today.

  1. Shrinking
  2. Sticky Goo/Glue/Webs
  3. High Gravity
  4. Sleep
  5. Petrification/Paralysis
  6. Nausea (That could get messy.)
  7. Sensory Deprivation. (Blindness/Deafness, etc.)
  8. Two Dimensional
  9. Love
  10. Polymorph into slugs, crabs, cookies, etc.
  11. Fur/Hair growth.
  12. Uncontrollable Laughter

Actual game effects and a serious ray table to follow. Have fun!