Roll a 1d12 on the table below:

Krohn’s Minions for my Power Rangers Lightning Force campaign:

  1. Buzzaw: Part fly, part buzz saw. All bad news
  2. Tomato Thirster: Big, red, scary red winged guy that tanks up on tomato juice.
  3. Frazettus: Frightful looking armored guy with two giant axes. Kinda serious.
  4. Doom King: Another leather winged large, scary guy with delusions of grandeur. He actually means business.
  5. Konquerer: A giant armored ape with wings. Served Krohn on multiple planets.
  6. Sheera: Elegantly dressed muscular woman with wings and a big sword.
  7. Tentacles: A big black ball of tentacles with eyes and a thirst for destruction.
  8. Korvix the Blood Hound. Wicked looking tracker in Krohn’s army.
  9. Drillar: A giant wasp with four drills for arms and a drill for a tail.
  10. Punchie: Cartoonish boxer with oversized boxing gloves on spindly arms.
  11. Abbadness: Giant suit of powered armor with a human woman’s head. Top lieutenant for years. Big powered sword. Plotting and scheming.
  12. “Him.” or “He of No Name.” Big, scary winged devil with a bullwhip and massive axe. Serious business. Triumvirate will instantly regret summoning him.

Krohn is the scariest of all the Triumvirate generals. Spoiler alert: He’s the main villain of Season Two: Super Power Rangers Lightning Force after absorbing