Mega Skeeter for Power Rangers RPG

Skeeter got a whole heap bigger when the Triumvirate brought him back Mega Sized. He’s bigger, angrier, and hungrier than ever!

“Gigantify!” – Cosmo, Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

Skeeter (Mega Size)
SIZE: Towering | HEALTH: 10
GROUND MOVEMENT: 30 ft. Fly: 30 ft.
Skeeter got a whole heap bigger when the Triumvirate brought him back Mega Sized. He’s bigger, angrier, and hungrier than ever!
Might +d8 *With Edge due to Megasize
Intimidation +d8
Perception +d2
Targeting +d6

Languages: Putty
Super Strength: When Skeeter grows, it
gains Edge on all Brawn and Might Skill Tests.


Beak (Might): +d8, Reach (Toughness, 3 Sharp Damage)
Skeeter’s beak does piercing damage, even through armor or metal.

Grappling (Might) +d8 Reach (Evasion initial, Toughness after. Power Drain- See Powers. On a successful attack, the target is grappled with all four arms and jabbed with Skeeter’s beak. Until this grapple ends, the creature is restrained, and Skeeter cannot attack another target. Every round following the initial grab, Skeeter begins absorbing the Zord’s energy at the rate of 1 per turn until released.

Electro Beak Blast (Targeting): +d6, Range 120 ft. (Evasion, 3 +1 per Essence drained. Electrical Damage) Skeeter emits an electrical blast in a 120-foot line, affecting all targets within the area.

Power Drain: If Skeeter successfully grapples his target, he drains the power directly from them through his beak. In addition to the physical damage, he inflicts -1 Essence from one random Ability Score per turn until the victim is released. Victims recover their Essence at the rate of ONE level per day. Characters reduced to 0 is incapacitated and out of action until healed. Skeeter can only hold 5 Essence drained this way before becoming full.

Big Skeeter loses the hang-ups about smoke and bug spray at this size unless there is a cloud capable of enveloping it.

Big Skeeter is still easily distracted, but again, a LARGE distraction is needed.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa always looking for more work. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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