Roll 1d12 to give hapless adventurers what the local subterranean scene might be. (DM/GM will determine the truth of said rumors.)

  1. Some farm kids plowing a nearby field unearthed a large boulder covering the entrance to nine levels of pure hell containing wealth beyond imagination.
  2. A very old Dragon sleeps in a mountain not too far away. It’s been asleep so long, some think its lair is unguarded and it might even be dead.
  3. A lone tower sits in the middle of an open plain with very little around for miles. A powerful lich built it to protect its research.
  4. The oldest cottage in town conceals a ritual summoning circle. The witch who lived there used it to open a portal to her underground stronghold.
  5. A general from a long forgotten army lies buried under the fields south of town. It is said his soldiers were incredibly loyal and remained with him even in death.
  6. Creatures made of dust, smoke and ash can still be seen circling about the old druidic circle on a new moon.
  7. The crazy old hermit in the nearby mountains is actually a disgraced wizard and his cave is secretly the entrance to a much older complex.
  8. There is a partial map to a renowned buried treasure in an unmarked grave in the old cemetery outside of town. The problem is finding it without digging up massive amounts of ground. The group knows where the other half of the map is located.
  9. A much older village lies in ruins underneath a city the group frequents. It has recently become a source of ghosts and other unhappy spirits.
  10. A nearby hill is actually a buried pyramid that contains a portal to other dimensions.
  11. There is a secret entrance to a dragon’s lair underneath the nearby lake.
  12. Townsfolk digging a new well have discovered a “strange glowing boat” buried beneath the otherwise landlocked site.

Bonus Table: 1d12 Horrible Mysterious Deaths.

(*Trigger Warning: This is intended for generic fantasy/horror and could possibly trigger trauma in some readers. It includes mentions of homicide, gore, and sensitive subjects. Reader discretion is advised.*)

  1. Body was found bereft of head and completely exsanguinated with no blood on the scene.
  2. Victim appears to have drowned in less than a teaspoonful of water.
  3. Empty husk of a body was found at the scene. It crumbled to dust as soon as someone touched it.
  4. The ghost of the recently deceased can be seen standing above the body waiting for someone specific.
  5. Several bodies have been found in separate locations recently covered completely in green moss from head to toe. No one seems to know how they got there.
  6. The body was found with no flesh covering the skull and a rare gem in each eye socket.
  7. The body is found writhing on the ground. It is full of scarab beetles.
  8. The deceased spontaneously frozen to death in a crowded room.
  9. The victim isn’t actually dead, but in a state of deep suspended animation.
  10. The body is booby trapped with poison cactus needles that protrude as soon as someone touches it.
  11. The body dissolves into a pool of acid slime as soon as someone says the name of the deceased.
  12. A demon tears its way out of the body in the while everyone is eating breakfast.

Of course, none of this is meant to be a suggestion. Let’s keep the fantasy/horror on the gaming table. This was a work of fiction.

Ending on a much freakier note than usual. Thank you for being here. I appreciate you! Have a great weekend.