Power Rangers RPG Threat: Voltrix.

Voltrix is Slayn’s last attempt to destroy the Rangers before having to answer to the rest of the Triumvirate for his failures.

Power Rangers Lighting Force faces a new, scary electrifying new lieutenant. First Appearance.

Voltrix 1.0. She’ll be back if destroyed. Bwah ha ha!
Art by Jeff Craigmile.

Voltrix 1.0 (Normal)
GROUND MOVEMENT: 30 ft. | FLY: 60 ft.
Voltrix is one of Slayn’s top lieutenants. She has been sent to defeat the Rangers at all costs. A clever and cunning opponent, she will refuse to stay down no matter how many times she is defeated.
Might- Martial Arts (Electro Trident) +d6
Initiative: +d6
Targeting* Lightning Blasts: +d8
Alertness: +d8
Physics (Electricity) +d6
Persuasion: +d6
Languages: Putty, English
Storm Flight: Voltrix constantly floats approximately one foot above the ground at all times. She will float even if knocked down. Her wings give her exceptional flight (60′)
Resistance: Sharp.
Lightning Bolt: Targeting +d10* Twice per round Voltrix can throw a Lightning Bolt 30’/200′ (Evasion, 3 Electrical.) If it hits successfully, all targets within 15′ of the primary target may also be hit for 1 Electrical based off the same hit roll as the original.

Lightning Blast: Targeting +d10* Instead of 2 lightning bolts or Trident attacks, Voltrix can channel her electrical charge into a cone of lightning 60′ long by 30′ wide at the base. (Evasion. 2 Electrical.)

Electro Trident: Might (Martial Arts) +d8 May attack twice per round OR 1 Trident strike + 1 Lightning Bolt. Trident does (Reach, 2 Electrical.)

Summon 3d6 Storm Putties (Stats as Z Putty Patrollers.)

Storm Rage: Once per scene Voltrix can unleash a devastating electrical tornado Large Base Evasion Electrical 3 under Voltrix’s direct control for 3 rounds. Movement 40’/round.

Drain Electrical Sources: Voltrix may heal 1 Health per turn from a high powered electrical source such as high tension power lines, breaker boxes, voltage transformers, etc.

Dissipate: At 1 Health Voltrix will dissipate into a cloud of electricity and become intangible. She can reform after 9 days at full health.

If Voltrix can be knocked to the ground, she loses 1 Health per turn until she is back in the air.

Likewise if she can be caged by metal or gets too close to a large conductive surface (Copper, Gold, etc) she will be stunned while in contact.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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