General Krohn’s fierce lieutenant will be back to torment the Rangers time and again!

(Artwork to come.)

Lt. Balgor, Krohn’s most trusted lieutenant.
Resilient THREAT LEVEL: 16
TOUGHNESS: 20 (Heavy Armor) | EVASION: 16
GROUND MOVEMENT: 30 ft. | FLY: 40 ft.
General Krohn called upon Lt Balgor when Gnarl and Slayn’s minions failed. He is a Dragonoid from the Netherworld. He has a nearly endless supply of magic water to keep him going when the fear of the puny humans isn’t enough to keep him going.
Might- (*Axe and Chain Flail) +d10
Brawn +d6
Initiative: +d6
Targeting (*Fireballs/Flame Breath): +d6
Alertness: +d6
Hunting: +d6
Intimidation +d8
Languages: Putty, English

Winged Flight, 40′.
Resistance: Fire
Sanzu River Water supply.
Massive Obsidian Axe: (Might) +d10* 2 attacks/turn in addition to ONE of the other attacks listed below. (Toughness, 10′ Reach, 3 Armor Piercing Intimidating, Sharp,

Fire Chains: (Might) +d10* 1 attack/round in addition to ONE of the other attacks listed. (Evasion, 10′ Reach, Maneuver-Entangle or trip. 2 Fire.)

Breathe Fire: (Targeting, 3x/scene): +d6*, Range 30 ft. (Evasion, 2 Fire Damage in a 5′ x 30′ x 15′ Area cone of fire. All targets in the cone must roll Evasion.)

Throw Fireball: (Targeting, 3x/scene): +d6*, Range 40/100 ft. (Evasion, 2 Explosive, Area, 15′ radius, Fire Damage)

Summon 3d6 Dragon Putties (Stats as Z Putty Patrollers.)
Always has 4 Dragon Putty Bodyguards at all times.

Must feed on Human Fear OR Drink water from the Sanzu River.
Failure to maintain his fear level at least once per day results in a loss of 1 Health per day until defeated.
If Balgor is defeated, he will return to the Netherworld to recover at the rate of 1 Health per day.