The Ongoing Battle: A Scenario for Power Rangers RPG.

A cloned Ranger survived or was reborn from the ashes and is now known as the Evil Phoenix Ranger. She commands a newly formed Tankzor.

Something big is on the horizon.

Last time on Power Rangers: Lightning Force. Zordon and Alpha Four worked feverishly to contact Billy Cranston of Earth They succeeded, but a newly merged Triumvirate, known simply as Kronus found the Zeo Crystal. A cloned Ranger survived or was reborn from the ashes and is now known as the Evil Phoenix Ranger. She commands a newly formed Tankzor.

The combined brain power of two Blue Rangers now work to unlock more power from the Morphing Grid. General Corby has become an uneasy, yet unexpected ally to the Rangers, offering the original Zord Alone Project schematics for use in creating a new Zord and forming a new Ultrazord. Zordon has disappeared from his holofield and Alphour is unable to locate him.

With the Zeo Crystal and the secrets of Ninja Steel hanging in the balance, it’s up to the Lightning Force Rangers to once again save Bennet’s Cove from certain destruction. To make matters more complicated, the Rangers’ powers have begun to fluctuate and appear to be weakening with each fight.

Another Threat or Threats lurk in the background.

Tankzor 2.0 (Gravtankzor.)

(Art forthcoming.)

Resilient THREAT LEVEL: 14
SIZE: Extended II/Extended II/Gigantic | HEALTH: 25
STRENGTH 15 | SPEED 15 | SMARTS (Pilot) | SOCIAL (Pilot)
TOUGHNESS: 29 (5 Armor) | EVASION: 25
GROUND MOVEMENT: 60 ft. | RUN: 50 ft.
Might +d10* Power Fists
Brawn +d12
Initiative: +d12
Targeting (*Primary Energy Cannon): +d12
Stealth +d6
Languages: Putty, English

Duranium Alloy Hull
Grav Tank. Floats/Skates on a force field skirt.


Primary Energy Cannon: Targeting +d12*, Range 40/300 ft. (Evasion, 4 Energy, Area, 15′ radius, Fire Damage) 360 degree vision.

Secondary Energy Cannons: Targeting +d12, Range 100ft; (Evasion, 2 Energy) 2 attacks per round OR 1 attack + Primary Energy Cannon. Or 1 Attack + Power Fist

Power Fists: +1d10*, Toughness, 3 Physical Damage. 2 Attacks per round or 1 + Secondary Energy Cannons.

Super Durable.
From a Corrupted Reality: If disabled/destroyed this Tankzor will begin regenerating immediately. 1 Health per hour until reformed.
*Each time the zord reforms, it has a chance to evolve a new power in addition to the old ones.

Must be piloted by the Evil Phoenix Ranger.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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