Moving into a new season with lots of developments.

A lot has happened since we left our team. Zordon has disappeared into the Morphin Grid, leaving Alpha Four and Billy Cranston from Earth 011 in charge. Somehow the Grid brought a different Billy through than was originally thought, but he is incredibly smart. Kronus has gained control of the Zeo Crystal while the Rangers gained control of the Ninja Steel.

With the Zeo Crystal under his control, Kronus gained the ability to expand his evil Ranger empire beyond the Evil Phoenix Ranger. Voltrix has come back to act as his new general. There are now five total evil Rangers, each with their own Zords.

To make matters worse as the season opens, the Rangers have taken a serious beating during the final battle with Tankzor 3.0. All of the Zords are seriously damaged and in bad need of regeneration time. The Rangers themselves barely managed to escape before disabling the Triumvirates’ space cruiser and sending it on a one way trip to nowhere.

Olivia, the Green Ranger, was exposed to a harsh amount of ionizing temporal energy during the last moments of the battle near the cruiser’s reactor core. Her ability to stay morphed has been impaired dramatically and appears to be steadily getting worse.

The Blue Ranger suffered a worse fate when the splitter emitters that separated the Ninja Steel from the Zeo Crystal pulled his armor from him and destroyed his morpher completely. Luckily, Billy brought his Triceratops Morpher and gave it to Xander. After some trial and error, the Dinozord emerged from the Morphin Grid ready for battle.

Finally, Rose the Pink Ranger suffered serious wounds at the hands of the Evil Phoenix Ranger. Her Power Crossbow was taken from her and is now being manipulated into the Evil Phoenix Crossbow. After her injuries heal, she plans to turn in her Morpher and leave the team.

Stay tuned for the dramatic return of Power Rangers Super Lightning Force!

Will Olivia ever be able to morph again? What happened to Zordon. Why did the Morphing Grid send a different Billy? Will Rose leave the team forever? Keep an eye open for Season 2, coming to my blog soon.

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