The group walks into a bar. Roll 1d12 to see what the special is today:

  1. Dragon’s Milk: Don’t ask how they acquired it. It’s been watered down with strong ale as not to kill the imbiber instantly. Repeated consumption may cause scales to grow and a +1 to save vs that dragon’s breath weapon.
  2. Lightning Water: Drawn from a rain barrel struck by (magical) lightning. Retains a mild electrical charge. This drink will rattle the patron’s teeth but not do any permanent damage. Staticky.
  3. Void Ale: This thick, viscous goop is a mixture of Nightshade, dark beer, anise, and hard whiskey. Intoxication rules apply. Effects doubled. Survivors retain a +1 Save vs Poison for one week. And cool stories to tell!
  4. Apple Toadstool Grog: Intoxication rules apply. After 10 minutes anyone who consumes this beverage will experience mild, harmless hallucinations. After four cups, the hallucinations are indistinguishable from reality. After six cups, the character falls into a deep sleep and dreams of a completely different universe much more bizarre than their own. +1 Save vs Illusion magic for one week once they awaken. Or did they?
  5. Hair of the Dog: This breakfast beverage is perfect for any character with a hangover. It reverses any negative intoxication effects at a price. Anyone who consumes this drink experiences five times the amount of hair growth. Within eight hours, characters (including characters who normally don’t grow beards) will have a fully grown head of hair, a long beard, and fur in, umm, other places. Can be cut/shaven normally after 9 hours.
  6. Fizzy Glug: A non-alcoholic carbonated beverage that comes in a variety of flavors- Orange, Cherry, Strawberry, Lime, and Grape. It’s fun to drink.
  7. Monster Claw Venom: Intoxication rules apply. Also grants a +1 Inebriation Bonus to physical actions (non cumulative) for five hours after consumption. Drinking more than three of these in eight hours can be fatal. Drinker must make a Poison Save after the fourth cup and each subsequent cup or suffer a heart attack (and possibly die.)
  8. Sweet Honey Mead: This mild non-alcoholic beverage is common in some lands. It has a pleasant taste and can be easily stored in a wine or waterskin.
  9. Sea Monster Brine: This oddly salty alcoholic beverage (Intoxication rules apply) is oddly pleasant to drink. After three cups, the imbiber may breathe underwater for 1 hour.
  10. Bedeviled Concoction: This reasonably pleasant tasting alcoholic beverage (Intoxication Rules apply) does very little on the first cup. On the second cup and every subsequent cup, the character becomes more and more enamoured with anyone and everyone around them. Each being they interact with is more and more attractive to them. (Be careful with this one. The Judge may wish to bypass the effect if players become uncomfortable.)
  11. Monkey Ale: This alcoholic beverage is stronger than most. (Intoxication effects doubled.) Anyone drinking more than two cups may find a sudden craving for bananas or other tropical fruits. Thorough inebriation will cause the imbiber to hang upside down from the rafters and fling random objects. Everything becomes super silly!
  12. Nectar of the Gods: (Intoxication Rules apply.) Despite the name, immortality will not be granted. However, this brew does allow any character enjoying it to forego eating and drinking for 1 day. This drink is only served one shot glass at a time and only one drink per customer per day, ever. Innkeepers and bartenders caught breaking the rules risk divine wrath. Rarely ever served.

Compatible with most fantasy RPGs.

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