Working title: Warrens of the Arcane Spider Dragon.

Hundreds of years ago, a demon worked its way out of the bowels of hell itself and built a terrifying labyrinthine lair to begin hatching its horrifying minions. But it needed fodder for building its forces. Unfortunately for one dragon, it would lead to horrifying mutations.

After pulling the dragon down and remaking it in her own image, the demon learned of arcane magic and its corrupting influences. She began making minions using crystals from the ground and common spiders and ticks from the surrounding area. Now, a terrifying subterranean structure lies in wait for anyone who unwittingly stumbles into it. Will you survive?

For the Judge:

This dungeon is designed for advanced characters (DCC Levels 6-7 or higher.) There are a variety of challenges over three levels. Some parts of this dungeon will spell certain death for unwitting adventurers. Caution is recommended.

There are multiple points of entry into this dungeon. Depending on where the Player Characters stumble, choose, or get dragged into, it could be the deadliest encounter of the dungeon. However, with great danger comes fantastic magical loot from the dragon’s hoard and everything collected thereafter.

There are multiple levels to this dungeon along with secret passages, trap doors, and various arachnid-based monsters. Feel free to edit anything in this dungeon. It’s in your hands now!

The end boss herself may have actually tunneled away ages ago. The dragon has never hunted during the day for some reason. Is it just a terrifying myth? Maybe the arcane generator burned out and some of the sentries no longer function. The Judge is free to modify or even tone down some of the lethality as they see fit.

For the players:

Rumors and stories have been passed from bar room to tavern table for centuries about a creature so incredibly foul it could have only crawled out of the bowels of Hell itself. There is a dragon with six legs and two arms, a head with 8 eyes and a maw of terrifying mandibles and meat-rending fangs. Its leathery wings propel it through the air at frightening speeds and its webs resist even the sharpest blades.

The rumors may be true. Cattle on the edge of town have been going missing for the past few weeks. Woodsmen and hunters have been missing for days. It’s as if the earth itself swallowed them whole. An unwitting farmer stumbled onto several empty, exsanguinated husks on the edge of his field and now refuses to leave his home.

Lots more to come!

I hope you enjoyed this teaser. I’m working on what is sure to be a huge dungeon, well above and beyond the usual five rooms. This dungeon was loosely inspired by one of the maps on Heroes of the Storm and an episode of Orville. I’ve been wanting to do a larger dungeon for a while now. I think it’s going to be as much fun to run as it was to create.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you! Have a great day. Game on!