It’s a difficult time for our heroes.

Billy Cranston from Earth 011 and Alpha Four are running HQ. Zordon has disappeared completely. Olivia’s Green Ranger powers are waning more with every battle. The Lightning Sword gives one Ranger access to Super Mode at a time. The old Zords are changing.

The team continues their search for a new Pink Ranger, but one has not been found yet. Billy has been unable to contact his Earth or any incarnation of Zordon through the Morphin Grid. Xander has been working feverishly to rebuild his own Morpher and convince the Triceratops Zord to reconfigure into the new Megazord formation.

Meanwhile, on the other side of things, Kronus has retreated to Earth’s moon following an intense battle with the Rangers and the near loss of the Triumvirate battle cruiser. He is now teleporting his minions and the Evil Ranger down to Earth to cause havoc as often as possible. Rumors of a greater evil force deep in space have come to Kronus’ attention, forcing him to accelerate his plans to conquer Earth.

A hit team is sent to Bennett’s Cove High School to capture Olivia Thomas.


  • Prevent Olivia from being captured and taken to the moon.
  • Defeat the hit team putties while protecting the school without any students getting hurt.
  • Protect their secret identities.
  • Keep Olivia from having to Morph.
Kommandon, Leader of the Hit Team:

(Art forthcoming.)

SIZE: Medium | HEALTH: 3
A highly trained commando hand picked from the Triumvirates’ forces.
Might +d6
Diplomacy +d6
Intimidation +d8
Perception +d4
Targeting +d6
Languages: Putty, English.
Energy Shield: Kommandon has incredible defense, easily shrugging off most attacks and deflecting laser blasts with his reflective armor plating.
Immunity: Energy Attacks.

Sword* (Might): +d6, Reach (Toughness, Armor Piercing, 1 Sharp Damage)

Energy Pulse Pistol* (Targeting): +d6*, Range 60 ft. (Evasion, 1 Energy Stun Damage)

Stun Bomb: (Targeting): +d6, Range 50 ft. Radius 20 square ft. (Evasion, 1 Energy, Stun Damage)

Teleport: One way ticket back to the moon with a prisoner in tow.
Handcuffs: Standard handcuffs.

Can’t be gigantified.

Kommandon will be accompanied by 12 regular Putty Patrollers. Their mission is to scare the student population while two of them and Kommandon grab Olivia.

IF Kommandon is successful, Olivia will be detained in suspended animation while the mysterious Dark Phoenix Ranger and Voltrix study her morpher in order to copy it free of the degradation effect by exploiting the Zeo Crystal’s powers. The end result will be an ultra powerful Evil Green Ranger.

After they acquire the Morpher and finish their examination, Olivia will be teleported back to Earth (unharmed) without it.

IF Kommandon is unsuccessful, he will teleport back to the moon as soon as it looks as if the mission has failed. He will keep coming back until he succeeds. The Rangers will have to be extra cautious not to let Olivia get nabbed.

However, if the Rangers get wise, they could use this as an opportunity to get a better look at the base on the moon.

This is one of the rare episodes where the Zords don’t get a workout. However, if time runs long, Kronus will send a replicated Tankzor to Earth just to distract the Rangers while he plots his next move.