Promptober Day 2: Parallel Worlds.

The group is forced to cope with drastic changes as timelines and reality shifts around them. Getting home to their Earth will require cunning, willpower, sacrifice, and perseverance.

Power Rangers Lightning Force Special: Passing the Lightning.

Synopsis: The group is forced to cope with drastic changes as timelines and reality shifts around them. Getting home to their Earth will require cunning, willpower, sacrifice, and perseverance.

  • Billy finishes helping with the Zord repairs and departs for Earth 11, taking his own Zord and Morpher with him.
  • Rose takes over in the command center from her wheelchair with assistance from Alphour at the end of Episode 4.
  • She begins attuning herself to the Morphing Grid, trying to learn where Zordon went and why he disappeared so suddenly.
  • A monster attacks Bennet’s Cove under the command of the Dark Phoenix Ranger. They appear to be searching for something or someone.
    Rose proves an excellent replacement for the missing Zordon.
  • At the end of the battle, the Dark Phoenix Ranger teleports back to the moon. The newest monster disappears in a giant puff of blue smoke that is strikingly similar to the aura around the D-Portals used by the military during the Tankzor incidents.
  • Before the team has a chance to catch their breath, a portal opens and the White Tiger Ranger from Earth 11 steps through. He says his name is Tommy Oliver and he needs the team’s help to fend off a villain that threatens to destroy their Earth if not stopped. The consequences could ripple through multiple Ranger reality timelines.
  • Assuming the Rangers agree to follow, after Rose confirms what Tommy is saying, they will be transported through the rift and onto a very dark, almost apocalyptic Earth, Angel Grove, circa 2020. Tommy is immediately confused.
  • The group is confronted by a patrol of robotic warriors under the command of something called “Venjix.” Three more Rangers appear. One is Chase, a member of the Turbo Rangers native to the current Earth. One is Zach, the Black Ranger from an Earth where the Machine Empire took control, and the final one is Jackie- Pink Ranger from an Earth that successfully fought off a Venjix variant called “Evox.”
  • One of Venjix’s hench monsters, Calculix, is planning to launch Heaven’s arrow into space and channel Morph-X into a portal that will tear open time/space and allow Venjix to spread to multiple worlds and contact multiple villains.
  • The group has several avenues of approach to get to Calculix. They can also cut off the Morph-X supply to the arrow chamber. The Earth 129 Crew also has the ability to summon their Zords through a portal to form the Mega Lightning Zord if called upon.
  • Calculix has built a formidable defense around his fortress, including some Morph-X powered Heavy Drones and Tank drones. If threatened by a large frontal assault, Calculix will call down a Giga Drone, which requires a Zord to properly battle.
  • Zach will try to approach from a military perspective. Tommy will listen to everyone’s input before making a decision. Chase is still suffering from the loss of his team. Jackie rapidly comes to the realization that her Earth is unique in that they had a Pink Ranger at all.
  • It’s up to the group to approach Venjix/Calculixs’ very carefully planned defenses and stop the launch before the planets align.
    Calculix will go Mega mode if destroyed or to launch the arrow.
  • Assuming the group is successful, Jackie offers to come to Earth 129 as their Pink Ranger. Tommy offers the group their own portal device to maintain communications, Zach returns to his world to fight crime and resist the machines. Chase goes off to rebuild his own team.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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