Promptober Day 14: Potions

D12 Potion Table. But not what you think…

D12 Potion Table. But not what you think…

For Dungeon Crawl Classics or any D20 compatible and #OSR Fantasy RPG.

  1. Healing with double the normal effects, but the character also grows discolored bumps on their skin for 1d8 days afterward.
  2. Shrinking, but the character shrinks begins to recover at a rate of one inch per hour until normal size again.
  3. Etherealness but the imbiber can’t return at will. Potion wears off in 1d24 hours.
  4. Hulking Strength: user doubles their normal damage for 1d7 turns before gaining one level of exhaustion. The exhaustion can be removed by normal means,
  5. Invisibility but the user can be seen in mirrors and mirrored surfaces. Also, duration is 1d14 hours and can no longer be broken at will. All worn/carried items stay visible at all times.
  6. Hallucination: The user thinks all kinds of cool things are happening when really they’re just sitting/standing there drooling on themselves. Lasts 1d12 hours. (Might want to keep an eye on that character.)
  7. Fire Breathing but it only emits from the user’s nose.
  8. Clam Diving: Sort of like a potion of water breathing but only lasts 2d4 rounds.
  9. Spider Climbing but the character sprouts 4 extra legs and two extra sets of eyes for 1d8 hours. Climb speed 40′. Character has a craving for insects.
  10. Troll Growth: The imbiber’s limbs become double normal length with thin, stretched, pale green skin and gnarled, knotted appearance. Hands and feet double in size and grow grotesque blackened nails. The body stays mostly the same. The head and face grow larger and take on the appearance of a troll with green skin, a long nose and black eyes. Character inflicts damage, etc as if they have an 18 Strength. The character also regenerates 1d6 hp per turn and takes on vulnerability to fire. Lasts 1d7 hours.
  11. (Delusional) Treasure Finding: Works as a Potion of Treasure Finding but has a 50% chance of leading the character to a pile of junk or foul smelling offal instead.
  12. Super Duper Healing! Works extremely well. Restores ALL lost hp regardless of damage total. Yes. That’s it.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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