There’s an old saying in fantasy RPGs that one of the deadliest things one can run into is another player character. (Or at least an NPC with class levels.)

The Flea was a scrawny, short, underfed, homely member of the local thieves guild, barely noticed by the other members. She initially plotted and schemed of larger crimes, dreaming of becoming guild leader. Her abilities lent themselves well to petty pickpocketing, stealing from merchant’s carts, and occasionally finding a meal in the garbage. Despite her ambition, she was a starving petty thief. Hunger was her primary motivation until she found the book, the ring, and the cloak.

The book is the Diary of the Great Thief Gerald Rother, explaining in intricate detail how he took control of the guild and maintained that control for three decades. He had a reputation for being a fair and just guild leader. He was absolutely hated by the local authorities included royalty. He was also somewhat of a fraud.

Gerald used the Ring of Domination to manipulate his own guild members. Before his death, he hid his cloak, ring, diary, and dagger in a nook that only the most desperate of street rats would think to look in. Eden, “the Flea,” was just that. Following the diary’s instructions, she started pulling the strings within the guild while maintaining her sheepish, almost unnoticed appearance.

After a few years, she managed to elevate her friend, Pete “the Weasel” into the appearance of guild leader. Eden became reclusive, operating out of a small cottage where she found Gerald’s gear. She made a rare appearance now and then when the situation warranted a hands-on approach. Most of the time she relied on messengers and Pete to tell her what was happening around the city and in the guild. She also pressed the Cloak of Invisibility into service for the purpose of spying on the guild, the City Watch, and the nobles.

Eden “the Flea”: Init +4; Atk poisoned dagger +10 (+5) melee (1d12+1 then 1d4 +1, plus poison) crossbow +4 ranged (1d6) AC 14; HD 5d6 (16 hp.); MV 30’; Act 2d20; SP poison (Fort DC 18 or death, dmg 1d12+1d4 Str on successful save),thief skills 75% (disguise, move silently, climb, pick locks, hide in shadows); SV Fort +3, Ref +8, Will +4; AL C.

+1 Cloak of Invisibility.
Ring of Domination.
+1 Dagger.
Diary of The Great Thief Gerald Rother.