Somebody Ordered a Warhammer.

Your character is not Thor. This is not Mjolnir. Invoke the true power of this weapon at your character’s own risk. For use with Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG or other d20 fantasy RPG.

Someone asked for more magical warhammers. So, here we are.

1. The Hammer of Lightning Bolts. (You are NOT Thor.)

This +1 magical warhammer automatically returns to the wielder when thrown.
When the hammer strikes a target it deals an additional 1d8 lightning damage (Fortitude DC 12 to avoid this effect.)
On command, it produces Light as per the spell.
The hammer’s real power comes into its invocation. When invoked, Once per Day, it calls down a bolt of lightning where designated within 100′ that does 6d8 damage (Reflex Save DC 14 for half)
Invoking the hammer’s full power comes at a price. Roll 1d30 and consult the table below:

1 Hammer evaporates into thin air instantly and reappears randomly elsewhere never to return.
2-11 No side effect.
12-13 A cloud appears above the user’s head for a day. It reflects their emotions.
14-17 Hammer is struck by lightning for 3d8 damage, DC 10 REF save for half.
18-19 A cloud of charged lighting appears around the user, constantly shocking them for 1 point of damage for 1d4 rounds.
20-23 A large cloud appears around the target. It causes 1d3 points of lightning damage as it shocks him for 1d4 rounds.
24-27 The hammer’s wielder is enveloped in a field of lightning. The electricity inflicts an additional 1d6 damage and transfers a charge that does an additional 1d4 damage to the target and anyone in a 10′ radius wearing any sort of metal.
28-29 The hammer’s owner/wielder is blasted by a massive lightning bolt. It inflicts an additional 4d8 damage and shocks anyone within 15′ with metal on them for 2d8, DC 10 REF save for half.
30-31 The character’s nervous system is turned into an electrical superconductor. It inflicts an additional 3d8 damage and the target is electrocuted, suffering an additional 1d8 damage each round until he makes a
DC 10 FORT save at the start of a round.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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