For running dungeon crawls, of course.

I live in Iowa, USA which means around the end of November the weather usually turns a lot colder and possibly snowier. It’s not quite like the good old days when winter started in October and stayed until April, but it usually gets cold. But, it’s Iowa so one random January day could have 60 degree temperatures and one cloud could float over and snow in May. I digress.

Since everyone is inside and around for the holidays trying to stay warm and dry, things tend to lean toward boardgames and more importantly, D&D. This is the perfect time for me to build dungeons for my players to explore. It’s also the time of year to sit and read various published modules late into the night.

This year I’m working on a mega dungeon for Dungeon Crawl Classics. I’ve mentioned bits and pieces on here and will continue to do so. I’ve taken a massive step backwards, though. I’m writing the whole thing out by hand before drafting it into the computer.

Thanks for stopping by. Have fun wherever you are, whatever the weather.