in Otherwise Empty Dungeon Rooms.

The characters find an empty room or antechamber in the dungeon they are exploring. Roll 1d12 and consult the table below:

  1. The room is actually filled with invisible furniture.
  2. A single copper piece in the center of the room on the floor.
  3. Three candles on a candelabra, lit. They are burnt down at an exact 45 degree angle from one another and never seem to burn down past that point. The candles can be extinguished and relit and will never burn down. Otherwise ordinary…
  4. A humanoid skeleton lies crumpled in the corner. No cause of death is obvious. It has been there a very long time and has no possessions except clothing.
  5. A floor covered in thick dust. there are marks in the dust as if a biped dragged something heavy across the floor into the opposite wall.
  6. A small abandoned campfire, an empty wineskin, and some animal bones.
  7. A table covered with empty liquor bottles. The labels on the glass bottles are strangely printed from another time, possibly another dimension.
  8. A note, sealed with wax, specifically addressed to one of the characters sits just inside the door. It reads, “Turn around and go back out. Don’t ask. It’s just better this way.” How the note got there and why are up to the Game Master.
  9. A mirror hangs down from the ceiling on a wire at exactly head level for the character first viewing it.
  10. An obviously full sack. (See sack contents sub table below.)
  11. A large mural on the wall depicting the empty room, only with a red carpet in the middle of it.
  12. A rope that hangs from the ceiling that rings a bell. What or who the bell summons is a mystery for the Game Master.

Sub Table 1-1: Stuff in the sack.

Roll 1d12 for the sack’s contents.

  1. Full of manure, offal, or poop. (You were warned when you could smell it.)
  2. A humanoid head or skull. No magical properties.
  3. A live snake of the GM’s choosing.
  4. 1d100 x 5 Gold coins.
  5. Solid gold goblet, plate, and dinnerware.
  6. Several ordinary rocks and sand to precisely weigh something down with.
  7. Coiled rope tied up in a ball.
  8. Several pieces of parchment paper and cloth balled up.
  9. Tallow about 10lbs worth. Smelly and gross.
  10. 1d100 x 10 copper coins.
  11. A dozen more sacks. Empty, of course.
  12. Medusa’s head, complete with writhing snake hair.