Compatible with most D20 Fantasy RPGs.

Roll 1d12 and consult the table below:

  1. Bag of Rat. This small pouch contains one fairly large white rat. Only one rat may be summoned per day (Long Rest.) The rat will follow the pouch owner’s commands but will not put itself knowingly in danger.
  2. A small pouch full of pills that grant 60′ Darkvision, also to see into the Ethereal Plane, and mild hallucinations. Darkvision/Ethereal sight last 1d4 hours. Mild hallucinations last 1d6 hours. Roughly 30% of these pills see into the Astral Plane instead.
  3. A collar that turns the wearer into a cocker spaniel puppy when worn. Effect ends when the collar is removed.
  4. Climbing claw. Not enough to scale a wall by itself but provides a +2 (Or 10% Old School) bonus to climbing attempts. Treat as a +1 magical exotic weapon in combat that deals 1d4 damage on a successful hit. Its mate may still be roaming the Material Plane somewhere.
  5. Mijo’s Boots of Jumping: These low cut letter boots with a trademark red swoosh on the side that adds a 6′ vertical leap or an additional 10′ running leap.
  6. Bunny Ears: this very strange headpiece resembles a pair of velvet rabbit ears. They add +2 to perception checks (sound) or (+10% Detect Noise Old School) They move on their own and make the wearer look cute, too.
  7. The Faceplate of Augh! This minor magical metal faceplate fits snugly onto most metal helmets. It’s visage is that of someone screaming in terror or possibly agonizing pain. +1 AC bonus. (Or -1 AC modifier Old School.)
  8. Bottomless Potion of Fizzy Water. This metal test tube style flask is filled with a colorless bubbly liquid with a mild lemon/lime flavor. The liquid can heal 1d4 hp per day (per Long Rest.) May cause drinker to burp a little.
  9. +1 Sharpened Screwdriver. This tool is useable as a large flat screwdriver, chisel, crude lockpick, piton, pry bar or stabby implement. Treated as a +1 dagger for purposes of dealing damage. Will not break if used to pry or chisel.
  10. Camouflage Polish: When applied to metal armor it allows the wearer to move less seen in the shadows. It also acts as a mildly magical sound buffer if applied to jingly chainmail or clanky plate armor. Negates armor stealth penalties for 1 day per application. +2 Stealth (+10% Hide/Sneak Old School.) Bottle contains 1d6 applications when found.
  11. Recurring Beads of Water Droplets: This pearl necklace has three large detachable stones on it. When the command word is spoken, the 3 light blue stones turn into baseball sized balls of ordinary water. The blue stones reform once per day (Once per Long Rest.)
  12. Ring of Splat Falling: This magical ring turns the wearer into a clear black gelatinous ooze on command when falling. The wearer and all worn/carried items will hit the ground with a loud splat but will be unharmed. It will take the user 1d8 minutes (or 1d8 x 10 rounds in combat) to pull themselves back together and become solid again. In goo form, the wearer will be unable to perform any actions or cast any spells until all of the droplets of jelly come together and reform. All of the droplets will try to find the largest mass and come back together. The wearer’s body and items will always be present once reformed.