A new magic item for Dungeon Crawl Classics and other D20 compatible fantasy TTRPGs.

Warhammer of Concussive Force aka Rock Crusher:
+1, (+3 vs Constructs and Earth Elementals) warhammer that inflicts 1d6 extra force damage on a successful hit.

On a Critical Hit, the hammer has a chance to rupture the target’s eardrums, DC12 Fort Save leaves the target with partial deafness lasting 1d6 hours. If the save was unsuccessful, the target is deafened for 1d12 days unless healing magic is applied. Creatures without eardrums are immune to this effect.

Adds +2 magical bonus to Mining checks if used as a tool.

Once per day (Long Rest,) the owner can command the hammer to shatter a 10′ cube of stone into rubble. This effect does 6d6 concussion damage to constructs and Earth Elementals as well.

Once per day (Long Rest,) the hammer’s owner can invoke the spirit of the hammer to issue a thunderous blast of concussive force in a 5’x15′ cone. Targets within the cone must make a DC12 Fort Save or take 6d6 damage, be knocked back 15′ from the target and deafened for 1d12 rounds. A successful save deals only 3d6 damage and partial deafness for 1d6 rounds.

Legendary Ability: The hammer can be struck upon the ground to cast Cause Earthquake as the spell. ONLY if the hammer wills it through its wielder. This effect can’t be used more than once per week.

Rock Crusher is not truly intelligent, but it does take some time to bond with its new owner before it will begin to reveal all but its most basic abilities. (The bonuses to hit and damage, Mining.) The hammer prefers to be wielded by Dwarves, Gnomes, or other earth-based species first. It also does well in the hands of righteous clerics and warriors with a kind heart who are willing to protect families and homes.

*Note: The wielder is immune to the effects it projects. Friends, pets, and party members are not immune, however.
**Note: The hammer is the opposite of stealthy. All of its abilities are accompanied by loud booms and bellowing crashes. Other creatures in the vicinity will be alerted to its use if they are able to detect any sound.

This item is somewhat of a rough draft. Please feel free to use/modify it according to your campaign, players, and GM preferences. The lore/history may come along later. I’ve used items such as this in other campaigns. As long as everyone has something special, it works out pretty well.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you. Game on!