All three sources of this alleged WotC leak have deleted their Twitter posts regarding its veracity.

Before I say anything else, please be nice to at @DnD_Shorts @itsginnydi and @nerdimmersion . They mean well. They’re good YouTubers. They’ve been embroiled in the Open Game License mess from early on. We wouldn’t be where we are now without them.

The following statement was more or less proven false:

The statement was given to DnD_Shorts but was later proven false.

I want to reiterate I have no ill will toward any of these three YouTubers. They got this information from what they believed to be a credible source. I figured all three people couldn’t have gotten it wrong. Surely someone would have spoken up sooner, right?

I screwed up. This statement has been retracted by all three from Twitter. I apologize for any confusion or misunderstandings it may have caused.

There’s a “however” coming.

However, I still stand by the notion that these surveys are little more than a public relations tactic aimed at smoothing over the ruffled feathers of the community and little else. That is my opinion from years of Journalism and Public Relations classes.

The January 18th statement from Wizards of the Coast Executive of D&D, Kyle Brink was, in fact, a somewhat cleverly done PR event. They are trying desperately to get the public back on good footing with WotC and One D&D.

I also believe the One D&D surveys are a waste of time. They might look at the data to make sure everyone agrees with them, but I highly doubt anyone takes the comments into consideration.

I think whatever the higher-ups and WotC and Hasbro have planned are going to go through no matter what the fans say. Remember, fans are just “obstacles between WotC and their money.” I seriously doubt anyone is going to read thousands of comments, most of them negative.

WotC will listen to all of the praise and adoration of their “true” fans. The fans that tell them what a great job they’re doing with the OGL will go right to the top of survey comments and get noticed. The rest? Not so much. In short, I think WotC could give a rip less about the rest of us.

Sorry I posted misleading information. Thank you for keeping me honest. Have a great day.