Frightening February Day 2: Mask

3 mask based plot hooks for any horror ttrpg. May be slightly disturbing.

Some of the most terrifying horror movie icons of all time wear a mask of some sort.

Content Warning: Occult, gore. Please use discretion when viewing this article. Thank you.
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Plot Hook 1: The Investigators (PCs, Hunters, etc) come across pictures of a figure wearing what appears to be a voodoo mask. Soon, bodies start turning up brutally murdered. At each scene is a picture, an artist’s sketch, or a replica of a voodoo mask. After some research, clever investigators will tie the murders to an ancient ritual mask stolen from a nearby cultural museum.

Plot Hook 2: It’s Halloween in a quiet suburb. Parents are being urged to keep their children at home this year. Police are on high alert. The last three years have been plagued by grisly murders committed by someone going door to door in a rubber Ronald Reagan mask. An other worldly parasite lives in the mask and has figured out that it can safely move about and feed on Halloween night.

This year the clock is ticking before it gets to someone the PCs deeply care about. It is unknown whether or not there is more than one parasite in more than one mask. IF the group is clever, they may be able to question the parasite before it detaches from its host. The host is basically a zombie that died 5 years ago.

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Plot Hook 3: A nearby bank president is throwing a masquerade ball to celebrate his daughter’s engagement. However, the daughter’s jilted former lover is a practitioner of evil magic. When he learned of the masquerade, he placed a horrific curse on the masks to be handed out at the start of the ball.

At the stroke of 10:00, just before the unmasking, a curse will permanently bond each mask to the wearer’s skin. Any attempt to remove the mask will result in the wearer’s flesh being torn from their face. It’s up to our heroes to stop the unmasking and/or reverse the curse.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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