Frightening February Day 7: Vehicle.

Haunted Car.
Ghost Carriage
Ghost Train.
#Frightening February.

Haunted cars, trucks, and horse driven carriages on the road ahead. Look out.

Content Warning: Suicide, Abductions, car accidents, gore, 
Today’s plot hooks:
  • Haunted Car: The group is called in to investigate or even stumbles upon it at the dealership, a 2020 Toyota Corolla that has had an unusual number of owners. In just three short years, the car has passed through the hands of no fewer than nine different owners- six of whom all died under mysterious circumstances. Of the three who sold the car before something happened, one is missing, one had disappeared off the grid, and the person who sold the car to the dealership most recently is still alive.

    Buying the car is pretty much a death sentence as you may have guessed. A group of four workers died by suicide pact four minutes after the car rolled off of the assembly line. One of the cargo ship workers did the same during its voyage to the US. A truck driver was killed when the car inexplicably slipped off of a car carrier trailer and cut him in half.

    From there, owners have vanished, been backed over, and committed suicide in the car. Dealerships even refer to it as “The Haunted Car” as a selling point. It has sold on Halloween night twice and both times the owners died on or before November 1st. Three of the owners died with the numbers 049 on the odometer. Attempts have been made to disassemble, wreck, and even burn the car. All have failed, usually resulting in the death or injury of whomever tried to destroy it. The car always manages to come back looking brand new every time.

    (*Keepers are free to change out the make and model as they see fit. I figured 2020 was a good year for a cursed car.)
  • Ghost Carriage: There are legends that couples book a “Romantic carriage ride for Two” only to never return. It seems to happen frequently around Valentine’s Day and Halloween. Families of survivors say they can’t remember the name of the carriage service, the driver, or ever finding the ad in some cases. It’s as if the listing mysteriously appears and disappears from wherever it was found. Police are baffled.

    The group might get involved if they know a couple who has booked a carriage ride, or perhaps have booked one themselves. The carriage is always perfectly on time and the driver is always a dapper older gentleman in a top hat and fine tuxedo. He speaks very little and when he does he has a very deep, low, quite voice. The horses themselves smell vaguely of ash and are black with hints of gray and never make a sound.
  • The Ghost Train:

Ever since the end of a civil war, a steam engine has been sighted rolling down a specific set of tracks at a specific location when the moon is full. Recently the sightings have become more frequent. One witness said they saw it in broad daylight. Another said they saw it stop and disembark Union soldiers.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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