Frightening February Day 8: Disappearances.

Three plot ideas involving disappearances to spark the Keeper’s imagination. The group might want to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for this one. Part of #FrighteningFebruary

The Northwest United States is notorious for people disappearing in real life. But what about other places?

    Content Warning: Abductions, Disappearances, Kidnappings, Missing Persons, animal mutilations. 

    Plot Idea 1: Local area hunter might go missing once every few years, and even then most are found and returned home safely. However, this year has turned out to be completely different. Over a dozen men and women have gone missing in less than a month. To make matters worse, two members of the latest search party have gone missing. Our intrepid Investigators will have to find out how before anyone else vanishes.

    This one is largely up to the Keeper. Could it be UFOs? A record number of animal mutilations were reported by nearby farmers the previous year. Of course, those were written off as cult activity or wild animal attacks.

    Could it be sasquatch? There were a number of reports of a sasquatch or skunk ape in the area as far back as the 1970s. There’s still plenty of wild area for something by way of a large humanoid to hide in and every once in awhile someone reports a sighting.

    Could there be a portal to another world? Some of the overdue hunters in years past report instances of missing time, falls, and injuries inconsistent with the terrain they are found on. Other hunters, including a local sheriff’s deputy report animals just disappearing into thin air in the area.

    Photo by Harry Smith on

    Plot Idea 2: The group is called in to help when a family of four goes missing from a nearby trail. The youngest, Tina (Age 13,) is found a few days later. She is shaken, but unharmed.

    According to Tina’s report, the family discovered a large gothic cathedral in the middle of the forest. The weather got all dark and strange suddenly and the family went inside to get dry and wait out the storm. From there things are a little foggy, but she just kept repeating something about “the congregation” and “they wouldn’t let anyone leave.”

    Historical and land survey records indicate no such structure in the area. The type of building Tina described would be too large not to be noticed and impossible to construct otherwise. No unusual weather has been reported in days aside from an irregular number pleasant, quiet, calm days.

    Photo by Yura Forrat on

    Plot Idea 3: A well known social media influencer posts a photo from a strange set of 13 stone stairs leading up into nothingness. She still has not been heard from a week since the photo was posted. Family and thousands of internet friends are growing concerned.

    Assuming the group can track down the exact location where the pic was taken, what will they find? Why such high stairs and no building? Is there a door to another world and will the group be able to locate the influencer in such a nightmare hellscape? Who else will they find?

    Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it. Stay safe.

    Author: Jeff Craigmile

    I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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