Frightening February Day 22: Skeleton.

Skeletons aren’t just for medieval fantasy. They’re more frightening in a modern horror setting because they’re hard to riddle with bullets and look extremely scary

An obvious choice for Game Masters in multiple genres.

I love skeletons. They’re my favorite un-dead type in multiple genres. I also play undead in Warhammer Fantasy and Mage Knight. What’s most of my army? Skeletons, of course.

Content Warning: Body Horror, Blood, Gore, Occult.
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Plot Idea 1: Skeleton Driver. A skeleton driving a limousine has been seen around the area nightclubs as of late. The very dapper, handsome man that always steps out of the car jokes that the skeleton isn’t actually driving. It’s all done with wires and a secondary steering wheel, gas pedal, and brakes from the passenger side by his valet. His valet, although rarely seen, always confirms the story, but they never show anyone the inside of the limo.

What’s really going on? The driver (skeleton) is actually a powerful necromancer who uses his vampire companions to lure unsuspecting young people into the back of the limo in order to drain all but a tiny fraction of their life essence in order to keep himself and his companions going. They then drop the near husk of a human off in the middle of nowhere and let them walk back to town.

Coincidentally, a lot of young adult ladies have been turning up missing as of late and then show up in the hospital the next day with no obvious wounds and a huge array of symptoms the doctors can’t explain.

One of the local club owners has become suspicious of the whole thing after one of his waitresses didn’t report for her shift. He calls the Investigators to help find her and to track down what’s going on. He is very well-connected around town (and with the local mafia, who do not want police sniffing around the club.) It’s going to be up to the group to keep a lid on the whole thing while driving the mysterious driver and his two passengers off.

(Bonus) Medieval Fantasy version. Replace limo with horse drawn carriage, night club with local pub, etc. The only difference is the Skeletal Necromancer will ride inside the carriage with the shades drawn at all times.

Or up the power level, have flaming Nightmare horses and the Necromancer Skeleton driving. He is BBEG quality, after all. They might just grab the first one or two villagers they come to and ride off into the night.

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Plot Idea 2: The Automaton. A professor at a local university decides to build a robot using conduit, servos, wires, microprocessors and rig the whole thing up under the lab’s anatomical skeleton model. He thought it would be a hilarious prank for the Halloween party. He never intended for Brad, his embittered grad student who was recently kicked out of the local University for cheating, to get into the robot’s programming and use it to murder the good professor.

What no one expected was for an evil spirit or demon to inhabit the robot and continue killing people. Now it’s up to the Investigators to stop the crazy thing before it does any more damage. It’s a lot harder to destroy than it looks.

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Plot Idea 3: Harryhausen Ain’t Got Nothin On This Guy. Some local film students are making a horror movie about dinosaur skeletons that come to life and start chasing people. Among other dinosaurs, it features an animatronic Allosaurus skeleton. Unfortunately, the script writers did their research too well and in doing so managed to recreate a powerful necromantic spell that animates the bones of dead creatures.

All Hell breaks loose on the movie set. Someone calls the Investigators to get there before the news crews. Maybe they can stop the thing and confiscate the spell scroll that accidentally freed the beast.

Thanks for stopping by. Please be kind to one another. I appreciate you. Take care.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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