Frightening February Day 23: Creepypasta.

Part of #FrighteningFebruary
He Followed Me Home One Night
Don’t Watch This Video
Driving for Uber One Night When…

The Internet is a big place, y’all.

In keeping with my more modern horror TTRPG theme, today is all about creepypasta. I probably take in more of this type of content than I really should, but it just kinda grew on me. For those who are wondering, the definition of creepypasta can be found here. If we’re being honest, I’ve sorta been engaging in it most of this month and it’s a lot of fun to write.

SCP lore is often considered a part of this category. Researching this kind of stuff makes for great Monster of the Week ideas. Had H.P. Lovecraft been born in the 1980s or 1990s, Call of Cthulhu would probably have appeared on the Internet first if I had to guess.

Content Warning: Ghosts, Occult, Mental Illness, Abductions, Missing Persons, Aliens. 
Whatever you want to call it, or for whatever reason you want to use it, on with the show:
By Avargus on DeviantArt

Plot Idea 1: He Followed Me Home One Night. One of the Investigators has a near miss while driving home down a normally deserted street one night. It was almost as if a tall, thin, shadowy man with an old style wide brimmed hat stepped out of the shadows next to the car. Luckily, no one was hurt and the person who stepped out of the shadows seemed to vanish as soon as his foot touched the curb. Afterward, everything seemed to go back to normal.

Until a night or two later when the same Investigator catches a glimpse of a shadowy, thin figure with a hat out of the corner of his eye. Probably a coincidence. And then it happens again while the Investigator is home.

The mysterious, shadowy, slender man with the hat keeps popping up. First at home, then in the car. Pretty soon he’s everywhere there’s a shadow. Will the Investigator find a way to divest himself of this ghostly figure before calamity strikes? Will the Investigator go mad before it leaves him/her alone?

Plot Idea 2: Don’t Watch This Video. A well known paranormal YouTuber goes missing after looking into a case involving an eight foot tall almost skeletal figure with dark, sunken eyes and massive hands used to claw or strangle his victims to death. Luckily for the Investigators, he kept good notes on paper to use when scripting his voice overs. Now he is missing and a well known associate has reached out to the group for help.

Stephen Larsen, aka Freakshow Floyd, was the host of a ghost hunting channel on YouTube. He was also a popular ghost hunting influencer on Instagram and Twitter. He didn’t really have any enemies and most of his material was credible or he wouldn’t have posted it. He was working on something huge according to the notes. It all started with a 20 year old photo card with a short video.

Larsen disappeared while transferring the video from the card to his YouTube video. When the group finally gets a chance to visit Larsen’s private studio, they find signs of a struggle. Someone appears to have been dragged unwillingly toward the desk. Everything stops at the desk where the large computer monitor and desktop tower sit. Everything is turned off.

Anyone unfortunate enough to watch the video will find themselves haunted. Watching the video again will cause the being shown in the video to drag the viewer into a nightmare realm where unspeakable things will happen. Will the Investigators watch the video? Will they put it online before they realize the damage it can cause?

Plot Idea 3: Driving for Uber One Night When… Very late one night, an Uber driver named Stephanie Larson stops at a crosswalk, almost in the middle of nowhere. A seven foot tall slender being with a head similar to an alien Gray wearing dark red ceremonial robes walks past and looks into the car. The driver and any passenger at the time wake up the next morning in front of a house in a neighborhood neither remembers ever arriving in.

“It’s almost as if it looked into my mind,” the driver recalled.

The group gets called in and/or they see it on the news. Of course, it’s being passed on as an urban legend or a clever hoax. The driver remembers the street and the crosswalk. She remembers the crosswalk and stopping for a pedestrian. It seemed a little strange but she can’t remember who or what this person looked like unless under regressive hypnosis. Everything after that is a blur.

Then it happened to Rodney Clauson, another Uber driver a few nights later. Word gets around and pretty soon no one is willing to hire Uber after 9:00PM. Drivers begin quitting or demanded day hours only. A desperate manager asks the group to step in before business is lost. Can they defeat the Tall White ET in the crosswalk?

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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