Why It’s More Important Than Ever.

LGBTQIA+ people should not have to live in fear. They shouldn’t have to live in fear of who they are. They shouldn’t be afraid to speak of who they feel they are. No government or religion on Earth should tell them otherwise.

To Support Our LGBTQIA+ Family.

This was not the article I intended to write today, but the one I felt I have to write. My lesbian, gay and trans friends/family are in jeopardy tonight- not just in this state, but all over the United States. New laws are being proposed and passed regularly that are setting LGBTQIA+ rights back 25 years in the same appalling way the recent overturn of Roe vs Wade set women’s rights back 50 years.

I’m not going to pin this on SCOTUS or any political party. I’d love to. Scapegoats make things so much easier. Like the idea that my LGBTQIA+ family is used as scapegoats for crimes involving children. Without naming names, I’ll say the real pedophiles are in other organizations, parties, and secret societies. Kids being taken to drag shows would be the least of our concerns if the public knew who the real seriously disturbing sickos are.

Iowa gets worse by the day for my family.

Courtesy of the Des Moines Register.

On Wednesday East High School joined other teens in a march to the Iowa State Capitol to protest a bevy of new anti-gay and ant-trans bills being introduced to the Iowa Legislature this session. Iowa is also looking to ban gay marriage at a State Constitutional level. These changes affect my wife (teacher with trans students,) several of my gay and trans friends, and even my own direct family (not saying who.) The way this is going is so harmful to a community that recently came so far to heal.

Have we learned nothing over the last 25-75 years?!? When people are forced to live closeted, isolated lives so many negative things happen. Suicide rates go up. The quality of medical care goes down for LGBTQIA+ folx gets worse. Homelessness, joblessness and violence can occur just for publicly admitting being gay. It’s not even remotely okay.

This has become a personal problem for me on so many levels.

I have made a lot of trans and gay friends though the #ttrpgcommunity and sharing the hobby I love so much. I don’t understand why people feel they have to be so bigoted against the trans community especially. If you truly got to know some of my trans friends? They’re the most kind, considerate, thoughtful people you’ll ever run into. They’ve been through a lot, too.

My wife has students at her school and in her classroom that will be affected by some of these laws. Imagine having to deadname a student and use only cisgender pronouns to refer to that student who is also prone to self harm? What if that was you? Or your child in question?

We have a member of our immediate family who came out as trans last year. I have lesbian and gay family, too. I was the wedding photographer for one of the first lesbian weddings in Iowa after it became legal. These are people I care very much about. I don’t want to see anyone ever get hurt.

This isn’t me being sex positive or an admission of really anything. It’s not part of any “woke” agenda. (*See It’s Awakened, Not Woke.) This is simply my wanting people I care about be safe and healthy. Peace, joy, love, freedom, and prosperity are pretty key tenets around here.

We are NOT supposed to live like this.

If we’re not careful, many of us are going to be wearing patches on our sleeves again. The same people wearing patches are going to be deprived of jobs, housing, and eventually liberty or even life itself. Are we really going to let it get that damned far?

LGBTQIA+ people should not have to live in fear. They shouldn’t have to live in fear of who they are. They shouldn’t be afraid to speak of who they feel they are. No government or religion on Earth should tell them otherwise.

Just slide in a line about LGBTQIA+ and there we are.

We fought an entire World War to give people the freedom to live their lives being Jewish, Black, or Gay. Those men fought and died to free the oppressed and here we are trying to pass laws in the United States that look a lot like Germany 1933. They weren’t afraid to set national women’s rights back 50 years. What’s to keep them from taking the next step, and the next?

Freedom of expression is freedom from control. I think there are people in religion and politics that are terrified of losing that control. Anything that disturbs the paradigm and shakes up the human collective scares them. People who go against the grain of the old narratives are just terrifying to the old guard.

Does anyone really think Jesus Christ wanted us persecuting and hurting one another?

Photo by Katie Rainbow ud83cudff3ufe0fu200dud83cudf08 on Pexels.com

I’m no Biblical scholar by any stretch of the imagination. Wouldn’t be surprised if other major religions were similar. “Don’t hurt one another. Don’t kill one another. Don’t oppress one another.” Seems to run through a lot of religions, yes? Yet, in 2023, here we are.

Why is it so hard to live and let one another live? I mean globally, not just the United States. People don’t have to suffer and die just because they want to be something besides heteronormative. People should not have to go their entire lives pretending to be someone they aren’t. No one should be denied basic human rights because of who they want to lie down with at night.

For cryin out loud. If we don’t agree can we at least not sh🦆t all over one another? Can we at least show one another the most basic respect and understanding?

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate it. Probably back to gaming or something slightly less serious tomorrow. Please be kind to one another.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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