3.14 Ways To Turn Into Horror.

This started out as a story about a Geometry teacher caught in a strange situation. Unfortunately, my blog software has gone slightly haywire. Hopefully we’ll finish this later.

A Des Moines Remote Viewing Society Story for Monster of the Week.

It was Tom’s turn to sit with Brenda. The ideal way to conduct a remote viewing for the DsM RVS was to have a Monitor sit with the Viewer and sketch/record the information given. Brenda was usually the Viewer. Dan was her preferred Monitor, but on this occasion he was busy with a stakeout.

Tom began his usual questions. Brenda was provided with her “random” coordinates which always seemed to be local and usually led to trouble. Tom had already learned to sometimes dread these sessions because of the stress and strain on Brenda. She was an amazing psychic and pro Remote Viewer, but it left her prone to all kinds of damage to her mental and physical health.

As the viewing went on, Tom wrote, drew, and recorded everything Brenda would give him. This particular target was a classroom, probably in an area high school, possibly a math teacher of some sort. There was writing all over the dry erase board in the room. At first it looked like regular geometry. Then more arcane symbols and imagery came up.

Brenda jerked and fell out of her chair. For the first minute she was on the floor Tom was debating about calling an ambulance yet again. He was unable to tell if she was in cardiac arrest, having a seizure, or just violently fighting to wake up. Whatever she last saw was pretty intense. The last thing he recorded was a mirror, but the face in it was… and that’s when she fell out of trance.

Brenda coughed, sputtered, and gasped as if being saved from drowning. She looked all around the office bewildered. Tom found her glasses and handed them to her. She regained enough composure to pull herself back into her wheelchair. All she could manage to blurt out was, “Salt circle. Now.”

Tom knew a salt circle was protection from whatever might have followed Brenda home.

Tom immediately grabbed the vials of pure salt they kept on hand for viewing days. This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened. There had been too many recorded incidents of other remote viewers being followed home. Brenda had a particularly ugly track record of things seeing her and/or following her home. Tom encircled the wheelchair in salt, being careful not to step into the line or disturb it.

“Talk to me Bren.” he said. “What’s going on?”
“Co-cover the monitors and the mirrors, you wingnut,” Brenda stammered.

The fact that she had used one of her terms of endearment for Tom and Dan meant she was at least still partially there. Tom threw his coat over his laptop. Darting over to the wall mirror, he grabbed a curtain to pull over it. Then he found Brenda’s favorite lap blanket to toss over the monitor bank on the desk.

He sat down with his clipboard of remote viewing notes. “Okay, what’s going on?” he asked.
“Pie,” was all she could manage to say in that moment.
“Ha-ha. Okay, Bren. What flavor?” he inquired.
“3.14159265359” she rattled off. “The symbol is the gateway. Aw crud.”

Tom scribbled down the number and then drew the symbol for Pi. It didn’t seem too odd given they had been viewing what was likely a Geometry teacher. Tom glanced back at his notes. Pi had come up already along with the Fibonacci Sequence. The alchemical symbols and what sounded like Greek were the confusing parts. What would a Geometry teacher be doing with figures like that?

*Editor’s Note: Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am unable to finish this entry at this time. I’m having multiple crashes and failures to save for whatever reason. I’ll come back to this at a later date. Sorry, family.

Thank you for stopping by. Hopefully this is a temporary issue. Have a great week.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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