You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, car, or bike?

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Bike. No question about it. Maybe not the kind of bike people are thinking of, however. I’ve always wanted one of these cool recumbent bikes.

I have had this planned out in my head for years now. Recumbent bike, with a couple of big saddle bags, possibly a small trailer. Survival gear, clothes, gaming books, dice, notebooks, pencils, my trusty laptop, food, water, and a couple of solar chargers.

I love camping. I love being out in nature. It would be the adventure of a lifetime for a couple of decades at least. I could get used to life on the road. The best part is the absolute freedom it would provide.

Before I got a driver’s license at the tender young age of 21, I used to ride a bike everywhere. Now that I’m older, I think the recumbent bike is more my speed and comfort. Sure, it’ll take a while to build those muscles back up, but I’d have all the time in the world and some lighter gears to help with all the pushing.

I’d probably start a travel vlog along with my regular postings here. It’s definitely going to require some creative exploration to find free WiFi. I like coffee shops, truck stops, and public libraries. I’ll manage.

This kind of journey would be akin to living van life or mobile home life. That would be a lot of fun, too. I’ve also thought about getting a mobile home and traveling between game conventions if I could afford it.

Alas, my wife is an airplane kinda gal and we’re pretty tied down with the kids, cats, her job, school, and kids sports. So, we’d either have to pick destinations and go as a family (like we do now,) OR wait until the proverbial nest empties out and do our own separate things. Which, realistically could happen in about 15 years.

That’s the dream, anyway. I’m still halfway determined to find a small cabin in the North woods somewhere and just disappear from civilized society for the most part. What can I say? I like my isolation, regardless of what my therapist and all of the “experts” have to say.

Thanks for stopping by today. I might try more of these cute prompts. I appreciate everyone who visits my blog. You are awesome!